Can I do wired / wireless charging on my iPhone at the same time?

You have to arrange the charging and power supply of your iPhone and it takes time, so it's annoying. However, iPhone 8 and later iPhones also offer “wireless charging” in addition to “wired charging”. It's easy because you can charge it just by placing it in a designated place.

The idea is that if you perform these two types of charging at the same time, it may be possible to charge at double speed? If it is not convenient, you can charge at about 1.x times faster?

On the Apple website,iPhone is not wirelessly charged while connected via USB. If your iPhone is connected to your computer via USB or connected to a USB power adapter, your iPhone will be charged using the USB connection"What is the reality?" I actually tried using iPhone 11.

First, I placed the iPhone 11 on the wireless charger, confirmed the start of charging, and then connected the Lightning cable. A USB ammeter was used to check if a current was flowing from the Lightning cable, and it was displayed as approximately 1.2A.

If the charging speed improves, wired / wireless charging can be performed at the same time, but the result is … unfortunately the same as when using a wired connection. As a precaution, a USB ammeter was attached to the wireless charger (which takes power from USB), and when wired charging was started later, the wireless charger's current almost became zero immediately, so wired charging was given priority. You can see that

So, the answer to the question is “Wired / wireless charging is not possible at the same time, wired charging has priority”. There is no such a delicious story !?

  • Can I perform wired / wireless charging on my iPhone at the same time?

    Can I do wired / wireless charging at the same time?

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