Can I find out the names of unknown animals and plants on my iPhone?

Spring when the vegetation sprout is a pleasant season for a walk. Cherry blossoms, kobushi and magnolia add color to the path that usually passes through casually. A beautiful flower whose name is unknown at your feet … No, no doubt, that flower must have a name. I just don't know, just don't try to find out. In this case, why not check it with your iPhone at hand?

Fortunately, Google says,Google Image SearchIs provided. If you access this site with Safari on iPhone, you will not be able to upload photos because you will be directed to a smartphone optimization site, but if you switch to the desktop website with Safari function (click the “ A '' button on the left end of the URL bar). Tap it to select "Display desktop web site"), and you can search for images using photos saved in the camera roll.

Google Image Search divides uploaded images into elements such as colors and lines, and searches for similar images by comparing them with Google's database. Although it is not always possible to obtain results, the search accuracy increases as the number of image points of animals and plants with similar compositions and colors on the WEB increases, so the possibility of knowing the name of animals and plants close to you is unlikely. Is big.

You can also use Google Lens. This service, like Google Image Search, can analyze the image itself to find its name and related information. Since it is integrated with the "Google Photos" application, you can display an appropriate image on the camera roll and tap the lens button at the bottom of the screen.

In addition, subjects that can be searched with Google Lens are not limited to animals and plants. It should also be useful when you want to find information on products written in foreign languages ​​that are difficult for Japanese to enter, or when you want to find the location of famous works of art and buildings.

  • Can I find the names of unknown animals and plants on my iPhone?

    With Google Photos for iOS, you can easily "google with images" even on iPhone

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