Can I get route guidance in the mountains where radio waves do not communicate?

A hot spring resort in the mountains called a secret hot spring. It is nice to look around the surrounding scenery while bathing in hot water during the autumn season. However, the problem is “map”. Regardless of whether you're heading for a car with a car navigation system, most smartphone map apps are only available online. If you ca n’t see your destination and location in the app, you ’ll have to rely on an old paper map.

What I want to use is the offline function of Google Maps. The service start in Japan was delayed, but it finally started in the fall of 2019 (in stages). Now you can ask Google Maps for route guidance even in the mountainous areas where mobile lines are not available. Since it can be used with both Google Maps apps for Android and iPhone, the range of users is likely to expand.

To use it, simply launch Google Maps on a smartphone logged in with a Google account, display the area where you want to download the map, and tap "Offline Map" that appears when you tap the menu button. Enlarge / reduce the blue frame to determine the target area, and tap the download button to save the map to the smartphone storage.

The amount of map data is not so large, and it is about several tens of megabytes per area. However, there is an upper limit on the amount of data that can be downloaded at one time, so if you want to cover a wide area, you need to divide it into multiple areas.

With the downloaded map, you can use various functions such as checking your current location and route search, but you cannot use public transport guidance or route search by foot / bicycle. Since real-time traffic conditions cannot be confirmed, it should be considered as a first-aid function for use in places where communication is difficult.

  • Is it possible to provide route guidance in the mountains where radio waves do not communicate?

    You can now use the offline function of Google Maps in Japan

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