Can I really have sex with the opposite sex if I use a dating app?


Can I really have sex with the opposite sex if I use a dating app?

by Tumisu

The matching app "Tinder"Is a dating app that uses a user's face photo and location information to match and find dating partners.More than 57 million people in 190 countries around the worldWe are usingIt is said that By using such Tinder, a research paper on the theme of "Does the chance of encountering the opposite sex really increase?" Was published.

Hook, Line and Sinker: Do Tinder Matches and Meet Ups Lead to One-Night Stands? | SpringerLink

Study suggests Tinder is not very effective for acquiring new sexual partners

Did researchNorwegian University of Science and TechnologyErnst Botnen, a student of the University, questioned “ how much Tinder affects individual differences in sexual strategy '', and 269 Norwegian college students who use Tinder or have used Tinder in the past We conducted a survey on. In addition, 38% of the subjects were men and 62% were women.

As a result, 54 people reported that they had encountered sex with the opposite sex using Tinder and had sex, and about 81% reportedUsing Tinder did not develop into a physical relationship with the opposite sex at allIt turns out. Of the subjects who had sex with the opposite sex as a result of Tinder, more than half answered that they had only experienced once, and 4% of all subjects had experienced more than once. did.

by Amy Truter

In addition, it was found that those who had sex with the opposite sex after Tinder had more often experienced the same sex without using Tinder for one night only. In addition, subjects who have used Tinder have relatively high sociality, and men in particular have a strong tendency to prefer a casual sex life.

From this, the research team speculates that the key to successful encounters is not whether or not you are using Tinder, but whether you are accepting unrestricted physical relationships in a short period of time. The research team took place in 2018the studyHowever, they reported similar results.

The researchers at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology have calculated that on average, Tinder users need about 57 matches to have sex with the opposite sex. One of the authors, Trond Viggo Grøntvedt, said, "If you want to meet a new sex partner, it has been suggested that Tinder is not effective for most people. You have to match many times and you have to date many times for one sex. "

by J H

Grøntvedt commented on the study: "We have collected data from gender-conscious egalitarian societies, but the results are not applicable to other societies and non-Western cultures and may not be easily generalized. “ We conducted a survey focusing on the young generation who frequently uses dating apps, but similar research targeting middle-aged people in their forties and over who will not be used to digital devices I want to do that. "

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