Can I see apps backed up on Google Drive?– Why can't I hear Android now?

If you lose your Android device, you can restore the phonebook, call history, photos taken with the camera, and data created with the application, so don't feel disappointed. I'm done.

Almost every Android device has a Google account, so most of us store backups in "Google Drive". All you have to do is to open the screen in the order of "Settings" → "Google" → "Backup" while logged in with your Google account, and turn on the "Backup to Google Drive" switch.

However, unless there is a trouble such as loss, we do not pay attention to the contents of the backup, so there are many users who do not know what kind of application is targeted or have never seen it.

If you have set the backup destination to Google Drive, you can check its outline in the "Google Drive" application. Tap the "≡" button at the top left of the screen that is first displayed after startup, and select "Backup" from the menu that appears. The backups created by the currently signed-in Google account for each device are listed, so tap the device you want to check. I don't know the details of the data, but you can see what kind of apps are backed up.

You can also use a web browser on your computer. Access "" with the Google account used for backup, click "storage capacity" at the bottom left of the screen, click "backup" at the top right of the screen that appears, the target device will be displayed .. However, unlike the Android "Google Drive" app, the number of backed up apps and the data capacity are displayed, but the app name cannot be confirmed.

  • Can you see which apps have been backed up to Google Drive?

    To check the application to be backed up

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