Can I transfer Android e-money to iPhone?-Why can't I hear Android now?

Spring is a season when there are many replacements for smartphones. Many people are thinking about switching to a terminal with the latest specifications in the new semester or new school year. However, changing the model involves various troubles. Especially if you switch from Android to iPhone.

Electronic money (prepaid) charged to an Android terminal cannot be transferred to an iPhone. Since iPhone 7 and later are equipped with a FeliCa chip, you can use the app to check the balance of electronic money, but payments and charges are limited to those compatible with "Apple Pay".

Specifically, for nanaco (mobile nanaco), Rakuten Edy, and WAON (mobile WAON), the balance cannot be transferred from the Android terminal to the iPhone. If you do not have the same Android and FeliCa compatible terminal (Osaifu-Keitai), the basic response is to use up your balance.

The exception is "Suica (Mobile Suica)". Since Mobile Suica supports Apple Pay, start the model change procedure with the Mobile Suica application on the Android terminal side, log in with the Mobile Suica application on the iPhone side, the balance when using the Android terminal will be returned You.

In addition, smartphone payment services that are not compatible with Osaifu-Keitai (do not use the short-distance wireless communication function) and that have the name "XX Pay" will download and log in to the payment application unless the phone number is changed due to a model change. Then you can use it on the terminal after the model change.

  • Can I transfer Android electronic money to iPhone?

    With a few exceptions, electronic money that uses short-range wireless communication cannot be transferred from Android to iPhone.

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