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Can iOS 14 play in the background without a YouTube subscription? Picture-in-picture also works for Safari videos-Engadget Japan


Announced at Apple developer event WWDC20,What's new in iOS 14 Picture in Picture.. In the keynote, FaceTime video was used as an example, but it turned out that "YouTube video opened via Safari browser" is also applicable.

This function allows you to "watch while watching" by playing a video in a small window while opening another application. The reduced video window can be moved anywhere on the screen, and it is also possible to zoom in/out, pause and play, full screen and return to the original app.

Social media strategist Matt Navarra found that this feature works with YouTube videos you're watching on Safari. Safari, which is picture-in-picture, behaves just like a YouTube playback-only app, and you can see that you can operate windows without any inconvenience.

More importantly, "You can play YouTube videos and YouTube music in the background regardless of whether you have a subscription contract". Background playback is not possible with the original YouTube appBenefits for paid premium members onlyHowever, with iOS 14, this is virtually available to free users as well.

However, small window playback on iOS 14 and Safari is not the same as a YouTube premium contract, and of course, features for premium members such as offline viewing and continuous playback without advertisements cannot be used.

However, if the purpose of the premium contract is limited to background replay, there is a possibility that it will be a sufficient alternative.

Source:Matt Navarra (Twitter)


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