Can the 3500 yen Mi Smartband 4 be used on an iPhone? Sleep analysis not available on Apple Watch is also attractive


About Mi Smart Band 4

Let ’s start with a basic review. If you have been pursuing parallel imports or have been researching closely since the overseas launch in June, please skip it.

Xiaomi wearable "Mi Smart Band 4" released for 3490 yen

Mi Smartband 4 is an inexpensive wristband device sold by Xiaomi, China. Xiaomi is the world's fourth-largest smartphone maker, and it is also known for consumer electronics with modern functions and low prices.

Smart Band is a series of activity meters that can be linked with smartphones. While smart watches sell multi-functionality, fashionability, large screens, etc., smart bands are mainly active mass meters, excellent price and simple function for cospa, lightness that does not burden long wear, once Low power consumption that can be used for up to about 20 days for charging has been gaining popularity.

The latest generation Mi Smart Band 4 has a 40% wider display area for OLED displays, making a major advance from single-color 80 x 128 pixels to full-color 120 x 240.

As the amount of information that can be displayed has increased, the use as a smartphone-linked device has also been expanded, such as the function to display smartphone notifications such as incoming LINE and the music playback remote control function.

The performance as an original active mass meter can measure a wide range of activities with higher accuracy than the previous model by installing a 6-axis motion sensor with an additional 3-axis gyro sensor.

What you can do with Mi Smartband

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<p><strong>・ Clock display ・ Status display</strong></p>
<p>Choose from over 50 colorful dials. Optimized for display of clock and date, graphic priority system of character collaboration, information that emphasizes the amount of information including status display as activity meter.</p>
<p>You can create a custom dial by transferring your image from your smartphone and combining it with several types of time display and status display.</p>
<p>It is not compatible with the permanent display and must be lit with the capacitive button or with the “lift up wrist to display information” option.</p>
<p><strong>・ Activity measurement</strong></p>
<p>If you install the Mi Fit app and pair the Smart Band 4, you can record data in conjunction with the iOS “Healthcare” app.</p>
<p>Workouts that can be measured include walking, outdoor running, treadmill, cycling, swimming, and exercise. You can record the number of steps, distance, and calories burned. Functions as a simple activity meter, such as goal setting and notification of achievement, are supported.</p>
<p><strong>・ Health care measurement</strong></p>
<p>Heart rate can be measured at a set interval from 1 minute to 30 minutes for 24 hours. It also supports sleep measurement based on motion detection.</p>
<p>By enabling “Sleep Assistant” as an option, you can measure sleep more accurately, including deep / shallow sleep and mid-wake awakening.</p>
<p><strong>・ Smartphone notification</strong></p>
<p>A function to transfer notifications sent to smartphones and check them on the wrist. Messaging apps such as LINE and Twitter can read the beginning of the content.</p>
<p>・ Search by ringing your smartphone<br />・ Sit too much warning<br />・ Alarms and stopwatches (can be used without smartphone cooperation)<br />・ Music remote control<br />·weather forecast<br />・ Heart rate alert (Warning if you recorded a high heart rate without exercising in the past 10 minutes)</p>
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As an activity meter

In Japan, we borrowed Mi Smart Band 4 before official release from small rice and tried it with iPhone in a short period of several days. From here, the main impressions and noticed points will be listed.

Although I was wearing it, I couldn't do a decent workout other than walking for location information games, so I'll leave the measurements for proper exercise to others.

・ Measure steps and calorie consumption

Recently, smartphones can be measured with high accuracy, but walking can be measured accurately without any problems.

There is no such thing as walking in front of the desk all day, mistaking the movement of typing on the keyboard as walking, like a modest activity meter.

Personally, I usually carry my iPhone or wear an Apple Watch, but the watch needs to be removed for charging and I often forget to wear it.

(We carry a watch battery and can recharge it anywhere, but of course we can't measure while charging while moving, and it doesn't always fit immediately when fully charged.)

Mi smartband is light enough to make you unaware that you are wearing it, and it can be left on for a long time that only needs to be charged once a week, so it occasionally occurred in the iOS health care application “ The “Blank time zone” disappears and it can be measured more accurately.

・ Sleep measurement

My personal expectation is sleep measurement, which is not (yet) prepared by Apple Watch standard features. It is possible to measure steadily, including the distinction between “sleep sleep” and “sleep sleep” for several days with both the “sleep assistant”, which is more accurate, and the continuous measurement of heart rate, for several days.

Although it was a few days that I had a particularly unhealthy night puff and a nap across the weekend, I was able to measure the time roughly correctly.

If you turn on the light option with wrist movements, you may lie down and turn on even if you are lying down. I'm worried, but it's different from the sleep judgment algorithm, and there is no record of a sudden awakening that is different from the awareness.

·Heart rate

The constant measurement can be set from 1 minute to 30 minutes, but it is set to 10 minutes for the time being. As far as comparing with the weekly measurement results that have been recorded with the same function of Apple Watch so far, it seems that it can be measured as accurately as equivalent.

Because the Mi smart band can always measure even during sleep, even Apple Watch users can use it for vital measurement. (I put it on the opposite wrist)

Mi Smart Band "data-caption =" Mi Smart Band "data-credit =" "data-credit-link-back =" "data-dam-provider =" "data-local-id =" local-1-8168373- 1575887703564 "data-media-id =" 0de63c68-3a3c-4623-b840-2537e122bd49 "src =" b6bf-f8b78fcea67c "data-title =" Mi Smart Band "/></p>
<h2>As a smartphone wearable</h2>
<p>Basic functions such as “ display of time, date and time, activity amount '', “ smartphone notification display '', “ vibration alarm '', although there is no close cooperation with iPhone / Apple Watch, OS / apps like Android OS and Android Wear If it is limited, it can be operated as a wearable terminal with an extremely excellent price-performance ratio.</p>
<p>・ Main display</p>
<p>It does not support continuous display such as Apple Watch Series 5 or later, or normal clock. You can set the lighting by detecting wrist movement.</p>
<p>In order to reduce battery consumption, the sensitivity of the wrist movement detection is sensitive to the standard, and it is possible to set the time of reaction. Although it was operated sensitively throughout the day, the impact on battery consumption was not so great, but the accuracy of recognition was not so high, and it was swung like Apple Watch up to Series 4 (by turning your wrist or bending your arm There was also no reaction).</p>
<p>Operation as a mere clock depends on how much you care about the stress of moving your wrist, swinging it from time to time, and being delayed for a moment even if you react.</p>
<h2>Battery is excellent as nominal</h2>
<p>It should be noted that the battery operating time is still important. Although it was not useful for benchmarking because the trial period was short,</p>
<p>・ Sleep assistant who is warned that "battery driving time will be greatly shortened" + always heart rate recording (10 minutes) on<br />・ Night mode disabled to reduce brightness<br />・ Wrist motion detection automatic lighting is always on, reaction speed “ sensitive '' and “ standard '' half (switched on the second day)<br />・ App notifications on, LINE and Twitter several times per hour.<br />・ Workout is only about 5,000 to 10,000 steps a day.</p>
<p>It has been almost always worn for 4 days under the conditions, and 83% still remains. Although it should be significantly shorter than the nominal “longest” 20 days, it seems to be able to operate for over a week without worrying about charging.</p>
<h2>Lightness of wearing feeling that does not bother you</h2>
<p>What makes an impression as an Apple Watch user who doesn't use a light activity meter on a daily basis is the lightness of wearing. It is light enough to forget to wear it if you are not conscious, probably because the main body is only about 22g.</p>
<p>Compared to Apple Watch and smart watch, the narrower band than lightness may lead to interference when you move your wrist.</p>
<p>I also tried a few smart watches that support sleep measurement, but I felt uncomfortable with normal watch sizes because I didn't have the habit of wearing a wristwatch and sleeping. Forget about the Mi smartband and don't mind it.</p>
<p>However, because the band fits or doesn't match, it's only for people who don't care about the elastomer resin band like the Apple Watch smart band.</p>
<p>The length adjustment of the accessory band uses a general belt hole and pin. Although it is not stepless, it seems to be relatively few patterns because it is 5mm wide and relatively finely engraved.</p>
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Subtle point

Without mentioning “for this price”, I would like to mention the points of concern compared to other wristband type wearables and smart watches.

・ Visibility is not high

The display area is wider and brighter than previous models, but in color, it is only 0.95 inches diagonal by 120 x 240, and the maximum brightness is 400 nits. The visibility is not high both indoors and outdoors. Even if you select a large clock display on a black background, it is difficult to see outdoors in the daytime or in a bright room.

In addition, when the wrist motion is detected, the light will turn on if the wrist is stretched straight from the “pose of the person who is checking the wristwatch!”, But it will not turn on easily even if the wrist is swung after swinging. Also.

It doesn't light up even if you turn only your wrist, such as when you are typing on the keyboard, when you are grasping something, or when you are caught in a strap. Lights when you are aware of the movement of holding the dial vertically, two axes in front of you.

There is no normal function that is possible with a normal wristwatch.

-Notification is simple

As a notification display, it's just a simple display. Even if you receive a stamp on LINE, you only know that something has arrived. Instead of short sentences, stamp culture will eventually require smartphone confirmation.

And, of course, you can't reply.

・ The practicality of music remote control is a mystery

Although the music remote control is provided as a main unit function, it cannot be accessed quickly because it is in a hierarchy that cannot be accessed without a few taps or swiping on the small screen.

Although there is a song title display, it is difficult to see even if the width is narrow, and it may be unreadable because it will turn off in seconds even if it is set to the maximum length. Of course, the artwork cannot be confirmed.

The volume can also be adjusted by pressing +/- on the left and right of the narrow width. Some small wireless earphones do not have volume control on the main unit, such as AirPods, but the Mi smartband music remote control function is not practical if you want to change the volume quickly.

If it lights up during music playback, it becomes the time + music remote control, or at least it can be used a little more by opening it with 1 swipe + tap to the top level.

The price / performance ratio is super excellent. Activity meter that can also be used with simple smartphones

As the world's fourth largest smartphone maker, Xioami has long provided “MIUI” with Android customized to its own UX.

However, the Mi Smart Band 4 is not so deeply integrated with smartphone apps, so it can be used as normal on an iPhone.

As an activity meter for its original purpose, iOS provides a HealthKit mechanism that links data with a wide range of devices, not just smart watches, so as with other compatible devices, there is no problem and data is clear. Can be linked.

The Mi Fit app is required to set up the smart band, but once it is linked, you can use other iOS fitness apps through the healthcare app without depending on the Xiaomi app.

Functions other than the activity meter and smartphone-linked wearables, such as Apple Watch, are not as far as smart watches and functions, but basic functions such as notification confirmation and “Find a smartphone” can be used at face value. In particular, considering the price-performance ratio and function ratio of 3500 yen in Japan, there is no doubt that it is an excellent product that could never be imagined.

Xiaomi latest smart band “ Mi Band 4 '' review of about 2500 yen, equipped with color liquid crystal and also supports payment

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