Can you fulfill your dreams !? What is the rich B5 note technique?

◆ Notes are tools that enhance your life
Many people use notebooks and notebooks as business tools, but how many use them to enrich their lives, increase their density, and enhance their own value?

A personal organizer is often used as a tool to achieve goals. Notes and cards are often used as a tool for creating ideas.

However, many of these objectives are centered on how to achieve business results. Of course, they are important, but human life is closely linked not only to work but also to personal life.

Personal encounters and experiences live in your work, and encounters, experiences, and earning in your work further enhance your life. I feel that work is private, private is work, and it is a mutual life.

In that case, notebooks and notebooks should be useful not only for work but also for personal enhancement.

In my own experience, using a single notebook, I was able to get closer to my dreams and goals in both the private act of building assets and the work of starting a business. It's no exaggeration to say that a regular office worker was able to come this far thanks to one notebook he uses every day.

By practicing these notes, we were able to produce results in investment and asset management centered on real estate. As managers of the two companies, we are thinking and implementing various ideas and business models, but most of them have also come up with these notes.

In this notebook, not only the contents of business talks and meetings, but also dreams and goals, what to do, what to do, ideas, ideas, and the flow of thoughts that have been thought so far are written. If you look at this note, it records all my daily activities and the flow of thoughts that happened in my head.

◆ First-class business people are memo devils
Kenichi Omae, a former representative of McKinsey's former branch office in Japan and a key player in establishing a business consulting market in Japan, was inspired by the publication of the book "Corporate Staff". It is well-known that the book was based on notes he wrote at consulting sites.

He was a serious reminder, and he wrote down the events of daily consulting, the conversations with client managers, and the key points of management derived from those things.

One day I showed it to the editors of the publisher, and it turned out to be a book because it was so interesting that he became a bestseller, and in his early 30s he quickly became one of the world's top consultants.

In addition, another manager has written a dream in his notebook and advocated a method of achieving it with a date, and has actually achieved various goals such as store development and education business.

◆ What is the meaning and effect of using notes?
There are many methodologies, and various methods, such as mind maps and right brain memos, are spreading around the world. Regardless of the method or tool, it has already been widely acknowledged that dropping letters on paper is a very important act that enhances intellectual ability and supports realization of dreams. It has become.

Given such various methodologies, here we introduce the method using one recommended B5 notebook.

Writing notes has three main purposes. The first is to deepen and expand your thoughts, the second is to take the best of others and make it your own blood, and the third is to achieve your dreams and goals logically.

And with these three, I want to make my life more fulfilling. The following points can be summed up when writing notes.

・ Integrate all records into one notebook
・ I always carry it and write what I noticed immediately
-Write anything including minutes, notes, memorandums, ideas, ideas, and impressions
・ Summarize into one page per theme so that you can see the whole picture
・ Connect with lines and arrows to make them related and follow the footsteps of thought
・ Review, add, and develop many times later

First of all, both work and personal use one notebook and complete it in this notebook. Ordinary people may use a notebook for work and a notebook for hobby as a hobby.

For this purpose, we use the same notebook to pack private reading memos, idea memos, diaries and daily feelings all in one book, as well as work memos, minutes, TODO, etc. This creates an environment where various memos and keywords in different fields are linked in a cross-linked way, and prevents the thinking from being divided.

Since both work and private are included, you can work and hobby anytime and anywhere, and you can use your time effectively. I always carry this notebook with me, so when I have a little time, or when I'm waiting for work or private, I can spend a lot of time on my own.

◆ Why B5 note is good for note technique
Another point is the size of the B5 notebook. By securing more space than a notebook or the like, you can easily write notes and diagrams freely. You don't have to worry about quitting writing because there is not enough space, or trying to sort it out before writing. And always carry it wherever you go, so you write it down as soon as you notice it.

These records are expressed in one page per theme. This gives you an instant overview of the subject and allows your thoughts to flow naturally from the whole to the individual. It also reduces access time when searching later.

Then connect all keywords, notes, and diagrams with lines and arrows to express relevance and causality. This allows for continuity and structuring of thinking, stimulates the brain and encourages more imagination.

In addition, a normal memo may end if you look back once or twice, but it is assumed that you will look back on a note many times later. I will add ideas later. Look back and add it five or ten times.

It is one of the important uses to write and develop notes later, but after a while, ideas will come out more and more.

This note is also a way to actively use the right brain. In notes, write down the relevance and thought process.

It's not difficult, just connect them with arrows and lines, and put similar titles around the lines. Using a three-color ballpoint pen, etc., express the importance and postscript with colors. However, that alone results in the whole page being illustrated.

Representing and understanding with diagrams is the role of the right brain. It is said that the processing ability of the right brain is one million times as powerful as the left brain in memory.

In addition, since the left brain logically processes the image drawn by the right brain and connects it to real actions, activation of the right brain also leads to activation of the left brain.

◆ Notes are added after looking back
A note is not a memo that you keep writing once you write it. Notes are not just memorandums or minutes.

Therefore, you should never throw it away when you are done with it. What is written in this notebook is not just a list of facts and knowledge, but a reflection of the thoughts that follow the contents of one's ideas in the order in which they were conceived, and is invaluable.

After writing in the notebook for the first time, I will look back after a while and add additional comments on what I came up with at that time. Then look back over time and add additional comments. We repeat that kind of work. Then, the idea calls for more ideas and new combinations can be found.

And just by turning the page, the brain remembers the contents written in the past, the contents of what has been written, the experience, the newly input knowledge sparks cross, and a completely new idea It will be easier to float.

That's because, for any small idea, the brain remembers the idea you wrote with your own hands.

The written content matures in the brain over time. This is because the brain that I added to the idea at a later date is even more memorized by the brain and begins to automatically examine it from various perspectives to solidify the area around the idea. Even though I wrote a notebook, no, that's why every time I review it, I get inspired and come up with new ideas.

Originality, as has long been said, is often a combination of dissimilar information or the same thing but a different perspective. New things are often just combinations of existing ideas.

So, leaving a footprint of your thoughts can improve your memory in your brain, and keep your thoughts in your daily life. When you look back at the notebook, you can reconnect with ideas and come up with relevance and combinations with other ideas.

Everyone has creativity, and it is just asleep without its power. All you have to do is pull it out. That is to write as you conceived. In the old days, Thomas Edison and Graham Bell also used notes as ideas, so it is said that the number of books would be hundreds or thousands.

It seems that their notebooks were full of illustrations and sketches rather than sentences, but when they were invented, they seemed to use the right brain.

◆ Take note of others' wisdom with notes
Notes aren't just for expanding your ideas. It is a tool that can quickly turn other people's wisdom and experience into their own blood, and then add their own ideas and transform them into their own wisdom.

I participate in various seminars and lectures. If you can't attend because the schedule isn't right, you can buy a CD or DVD and listen to it at home or on the way to work. When attending a seminar, listening to a CD or watching a DVD, I always carry my notebook next to me and write it down.

However, I can't write everything down, so I write my own inspired keywords, but I don't really care if it really matters to me, I try to write as much as I can. Whatever words you get into your mind, they should be meaningful to you.

Write down all the words that you feel "Oh", such as the words you thought could be used, the information you thought you were getting, the information you were surprised at, and the words you wanted to refute.

Especially in seminars and the like, the amount of information input is enormous, so if you do not write down anything, almost all but the words that were shocked are forgotten. First of all, it means saving from such oblivion.

◆ Make notes on ideas that came to your mind
What's really important is not just writing down what someone said, but writing down what you felt and thought at the moment.

In other words, by writing down the impressions of yourself and the thoughts and inspirations that were inspired by others, you can convert them into your own original ideas and wisdom. This is more than just learning the wisdom of others.

For example, suppose you went to a stock investment seminar and heard stories of successful people. However, successful experiences alone may increase your motivation at that time, but when you try to do it, you often cannot use it for yourself. Because different markets have different brands. Preconditions such as the amount of self-financing cannot be the same, and where and how to judge cannot be exactly the same.

However, by writing down what you think and respond to your actions in response to the story of the successful person, and contrasting it with the statements of the successful person, there is a certain kind of objectivity. In other words, it's easier to see if that know-how is something you can do, or if it really works.

In short, it makes it easier to extract the essence of the speaker and sublimate it to a general principle that works everywhere. By dropping it on paper in this way, you can transform the wisdom and experience of others so that you can adapt them to your own.

The point of self-development is, after all, looking at one's inside and transforming and incorporating the thoughts and energies of others to fit oneself.

However, because it has a lot of emotional energy, it can be stopped at one time. It is important to record your feelings, feelings and determinations on paper so that it can be revived.

◆ Let's take notes when talking with people
This is true even in conversations with others. In other words, write down the words that touch your heart when you talk to people. No one is inspired by people's stories. Everyone should feel and think while listening to people's remarks, but like a soap bubble, they are doomed to come up and forget.

While talking to people, you may come up with a whole new proposal that you never thought of before, and it will come up in words.

In addition, business negotiations may be concluded with your own remarks, or the other party may be convinced. Sometimes the narrative that you casually care about is so exciting that the place is relaxed.

But they are very easy to forget. So, even write your own remarks while speaking.

Of course, there may be situations where you can't write a note with a spread note, but you can just write it down on post-it, or just sit back and email yourself to your computer from your mobile phone. Let's go.

It is often said that information is not important to collect, but to use. What that means is to take it inside you, filter it yourself, and make it bloody that you can always pull out.

To do this, you need to write down your ideas inspired by that information.

◆ Use notes to realize your dreams and goals
The purpose of what is called pocketbooks and notebooks in the world, and why I introduce them, is to make life more enjoyable, more meaningful, and more fulfilling. I don't think there's any point in having a methodology that doesn't happen.

What are your goals and what kind of life do you want to live? However, there are not many people who can specifically say “this is this”. What you want to live and what life is happy is different for each person.

So how much time do you actually spend in your daily life to fulfill your dreams and goals? If you haven't remembered the information that was important to you in the last few days, this is sparse evidence of goal setting.

How much information caught your consciousness yesterday, today? It's not just news about gossip, such as the marriage of an entertainer, or the fact that some company has acquired some company. Information that helps you realize your dreams and goals.

Some people say that when they talk about a notebook, they have nothing to write. But that's just because you aren't aware of your dreams and goals. That's why you can't just filter out the necessary information from the vast amount of information that is overflowing the world.

Without dreams and goals, you will not find any information you touch every day important to you. Then, even if you always carry a notebook, you can't write anything.

But if you take the time and think hard, most people will have something that they want to do and want to be like. However, I'm just putting off thinking about "this time", "in time", "if I have the time", and "if my current job calms down".

Many people work for a company or family, but not for themselves.

When you give priority to work, seriously thinking about your life is left behind. Because thinking about your future is a very tough task. It's easier to get buried in the job and just think about improving your career in the company, without using your head.

So, if you don't hold yourself very well, you will be forced to work on urgent tasks and events every day, leaving you with something really important.

It is still good if you are late. On the contrary, you may completely forget it someday. No one can tell you what is important to you. You have to notice it yourself. And that requires setting goals.

◆ Goal setting written in notebook becomes car navigation system of life
If you set a goal, even if you are busy everyday, you will go to the destination as if you set the destination in the car navigation system. Reroute a bit off the road, and your thoughts and actions will lead to your dreams and goals.

The reason is that the words you write become keywords, and antennas are set up in your head.

For example, I think you have this experience. If you are going to buy a computer, you may find that related books, such as insert flyers and newspaper advertisements related to the computer, even if you go to a bookstore, will jump into your eyes without being conscious.

As you may know, if you buy a home, you will get home information about apartments and apartments that you have not seen before, and loan information as soon as you want to buy a home. Should have been.

In this way, the brain unconsciously picks up the information and opportunities necessary to realize your dreams from the vast amount of information that has passed by before.

Of course, the information that this subconscious picks up will vary in quantity and quality depending on what goals you set, and of course, the quality and quantity of what you can achieve. So you need to set big goals, not just small ones in front of you.

But it's not just about dreams and goals. By reviewing each and every dream and goal, we work to inflate and embody it. In this way, the dreams and goals are unfolded in the notebook and once spread to the brain. Then, what you write is planted in your subconscious.

Writing in a notebook with your own hands means using your head and body. This means that your dreams and goals can be further burned into your brain through touch and vision.

You have now set your destination in your car navigation system. This car navigation system searches for shorter and shorter distance routes by inputting surrounding information. The input of peripheral information is the work of repeatedly adding and revising the information.

Doing so further strengthens awareness and motivation for behavior. Also, the information sensitivity becomes sharper.

I mentioned earlier that the quality and quantity of information gathered will change depending on what dreams and goals you set, but by expanding so far and going deep into the brain, the quality and quantity will increase dramatically You. Notes automatically search and gather the necessary information to fulfill your dreams and goals.

Sentence = Tokio Kodo [money guide]
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