Can you get rich if you discard it?

◆ Escape from commitment and become rich!
People who have a strong commitment are often valued in the sense that they have a well-established way of thinking and do not follow the opinions of others.

However, commitment sometimes becomes a stereotype and causes unacceptable new perspectives and ideas. For those who want to find new ideas and new possibilities without stopping their own growth, I think it is better to abandon their commitment.

For example, if you have a commitment to "never give priority seats," you tend to think that "priority seats should give up seats, but otherwise don't have to."

However, regardless of whether it is a priority seat in the first place, it is kind to give up the seat if there is an elderly or a pregnant woman, and if you think that all trains and buses are priority seats, anyone can sit anywhere Good, and flexible.

I've introduced extreme examples that are easy to understand, but if you stick too much with your own way of thinking, you will not be able to think about such essential parts.

For my work, I abandoned my commitment to real estate investment, so I started to write books and talk on various themes.

In addition, after learning that long periods of rent and relocations have shown that "you can get used to wherever you live for a while," your focus on location has disappeared.

◆ It is only fun to live in the brand area at first
Whether you live in a branded area or in a tower apartment, you'll be happy just in the beginning, and it's going to be a daily routine and your excitement will fade away.

So I lived in a wooden apartment with a rent of 85,000 yen even if my annual income exceeded 10 million yen, and I still live in an apartment with a rent of 135,000 yen. This lowers the percentage of fixed costs and frees up money for other uses.

What leads to such "freedom of wide field of view" is "discarding commitment", but some people will not.

For example, if you are working and want to proceed according to your own plan, but say, "Please do this as long as you are at your company," you feel like you have been denied. If you make a complaint from a customer, you feel like you have been despised.

I feel like I was insulted if I couldn't do what I couldn't say and could do something different from my values.

It is a characteristic of these people that the consciousness that others want to be considered "good people", "competent people" and "capable people" is extremely strong. I have a strong sense of self-image and a strong fear of not being recognized in front of others. Then, I feel overwhelmed, saying, "If you do this, you might think like this."

They are people who are too particular about their values ​​and ideas.

As mentioned above, many people have a tendency to be afraid of being denied their ideas and to be worried about the eyes of others. Me too. But I am different from myself, and denying my thinking does not directly affect my life. If you abandon your commitment to your values, you will lessen suffering in interpersonal relationships.

◆ Attract the same people as your commitment
People who have a strong commitment attract those who have the same commitment.

This is especially true during my student days when my values ​​have not yet settled down, but I am not confident in my way of thinking or want to be recognized by someone, so I start hanging out with people who have the same way of thinking. In society, those who complain at the workplace hang with those who are also bitches. Even mom friends are divided into groups based on "enthusiastic education," "housewife," and "double working."

The same is true for heterosexual relationships. People who care about superficial things like eating on a date and living here are only able to meet people who care about superficial things.

If you have a commitment that dating should be a fancy restaurant, you may be attracted by the opposite sex who will take you to a fancy restaurant. But that person also thinks that "dates should be fashionable restaurants".

Or what if you want to marry a rich president? Real rich managers are sensitive to risk, so they will feel that kind of calculation and stay away from that person [of course, if it is more attractive than that calculation] ].

As a result, you can't get closer to the real rich man who isn't obsessed with money, or you're stuck with a self-proclaimed rich man who is not rich and has a complex in money.

Conversely, when you are with someone who has different feelings, various problems arise. This is exactly the case with "personal disagreement", and since they cannot abandon each other's commitments, they cannot accept their values. No matter how much you talk, parallel lines. Eventually, they swear, "Why don't you understand?"

My ideal is to stick to things that do not matter.

One's own values ​​tend to be fixed in some cases, and people come to expect it from the other party and society. It creates friction with human relationships and organizations and is stressful. Or they may be repulsive to thinking differently, and their learning ability to absorb new values ​​will be reduced.

Therefore, I try not to stick to my thoughts as much as possible, and I am conscious of accepting the ideas and values ​​of others who are more rational and productive than myself.

Reference] "Changing yourself one by one-40 bad habits to discard" [Nippon Jitsugyo Publisher]

Sentence = Tokio Kodo [money guide]
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