Can you get the legendary rally car for 3 million yen? ! Is that a child's toy?

Speaking of the Alpine A110, it is one of the legendary rally cars and can be seen by enthusiasts from all over the world. In recent years, if you get an original model, it is natural that it will exceed 10 million yen. However, at the current auction in France, there is an Alpine A110 with an estimated winning bid of 3 million yen or more. In particular, the condition is not bad. So why?

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The reason is that this car is for children, not adults. At first glance, it is the Alpine A110 itself, but it has a feeling of size, and inside it is a specification for children. Although it is not clear in the picture, the size is 1/2 scale and it is driven by an electric motor. The components of the tubular frame, fiberglass body, bonnet and engine have been recreated as if they were real. It seems that the sound of the engine is well built. The paint is also based on the colors used by Renault at the time.

It was handcrafted and completed by Guy Sharpas, a French-based company, who has been making such high-quality junior cars since 1983. It is said that three Alpine A110s were built, but one of them was equipped with a gasoline engine, and only one electric type was exhibited at the auction this time.

It's expensive to make into a children's toy, and it's one you want to add to Enthusiast's Garage Collection.

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