Canceled "Yoshinoyama" starring Sarunosuke Ichikawa ・Severe fever symptoms in people

Shochiku confirmed that one person involved in the stage of "Yoshinoyama" in the Kabukiza theater in Tokyo, "August Hanagata Kabuki" had a slight fever, and canceled "Yoshinoyama" on the same day. Announced. Ichikawa Sarunosuke [44] and Nakamura Nananosuke [37] and others are appearing.

According to Kabukiza's new coronavirus safety measures guidelines, health observations and PCR tests will be performed just in case. Performances after the 6th will be announced on the official website as soon as they are decided.

This month, there are four divisions, and the performers and staff of each division are all replaced and disinfection work is performed. The fourth part, "Yowana Sasuke Ukina Yokokogushi," featuring Koshiro Matsumoto [47] and others, will perform as scheduled.

In Kabukiza, about 200 performers and staff were PCR-tested before the performance this month, and all were negative.

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