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Canon announces "EOS R5" and "EOS R6," which are "high-performance mirrorless" mirrorless cameras

On July 9, Canon announced a number of full-size mirrorless "EOS R" series cameras and interchangeable lenses. The camera body is a high-performance model that eliminates the dissatisfaction of the conventional model by installing an in-body image stabilization mechanism that can correct up to 8 steps when using a lens with image stabilization Introducing a compact and low-priced super-telephoto lens and the most popular telephoto zoom lens, which completely changes the impression of the EOS R, which was a sober impression so far. It is a new product launch that makes you feel "fresh". In addition to replacing existing SLR users and purchasing more, it also appeals to smartphone users who are attractive for super telephoto shooting.

  • A new flagship model "EOS R6" with a standard zoom lens and tax less than 350,000 yen is now available. With a well-balanced unit, it seems to be a hit model that promotes the transition from single-lens reflex cameras

The lineup of the new products announced this time and the expected actual sales price [tax not included] are as follows.

Camera body

product name Expected actual sales price Release date
EOS R5 460,000 yen Late July
EOS R6 305,000 yen Late August
EOS R6 24-105 Lens Kit 345,000 yen Late August

For full-size mirrorless, we have introduced two products, a high pixel model "EOS R5" of 45 million pixels and an "EOS R6" of 2010 million pixels. In addition to redesigning the operability by installing a sub electronic dial similar to the single-lens reflex EOS, it also has a built-in image stabilization mechanism for up to 8 steps, dual recording media slot, and improved EVF readability. By doing so, it is greatly improved compared to the current EOS R.

  • Introducing the high-pixel model "EOS R5", which was compiled at a high level

Although they differ in the number of pixels, body material, media used, movie functions, EVF performance, etc., the basic shooting performance is almost the same. The EOS R6, which sells around 300,000 yen, is positioned as the "full-size standard" to become the main model, and the EOS R5 is sold to hobbyists and professionals as a symbol of a series with well-honed performance.

Interchangeable lens, tele converter

product name Expected actual sales price Release date
RF600mm F11 IS STM 88,000 yen Late July
RF800mm F11 IS STM 113,000 yen Late July
RF100-500mm F4.5-7.1 L IS STM 335,000 yen Late September
EXTENDER RF1.4x 63,000 yen Late July
EXTENDER RF2.0x 75,000 yen Late July
RF85mm F2 MACRO IS STM 76,000 yen Late October

The interchangeable lens is also powerful. Of particular note is the introduction of two types of super telephoto lenses, the RF600mm F11 IS STM and the RF800mm F11 IS STM. Instead of designing the brightness, iris mechanism, and exterior texture, we have made it more compact, lighter, and cheaper than conventional super telephoto lenses. It seems that it will attract attention to those who are looking for mobility in shooting wild animals such as wild birds because they can be swung around by hand. High-quality super-telephoto shooting, which is not possible with smartphones, can reach young people who usually use smartphones.

  • Introducing two new super-telephoto lenses with a divisible design that reduce size and price

The super-telephoto zoom lens "RF100-500mm F4.5-7.1 L IS STM" that emphasizes image quality is also a long-awaited existence. For EF lenses for SLR cameras, the EF100-400mm F4.5-5.6L IS II USM, which has a wider zoom range, is sold than the EF70-200mm F2.8L IS II USM, which is the telephoto zoom lens of the large Sangen. The appearance of the RF100-500mm F4.5-7.1 L IS STM, which is compatible with both widening of the telephoto range and reduction in size and weight, is likely to be a driving force for the shift from SLR cameras to mirrorless cameras.

  • The ultra-telephoto zoom lens "RF100-500mm F4.5-7.1 L IS STM" that extends the telephoto side is also noteworthy.

Two types of extenders can be used with all three telephoto lenses announced this time.


product name Expected actual sales price Release date
Battery pack LP-E6NH 11,000 yen Late July
Wireless transmitter WFT-E10B 118,000 yen Late July
Battery grip BG-R10 33,000 yen Late July

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