Canon fails in photo cloud "image.canon"-some original data of photos and videos lost

Canon said on August 7th, part of the data regarding the failure of the photo cloud platform "image.canon" was lostAnnouncementdid.

Image.canon is a cloud service that allows you to upload photos to the cloud automatically by connecting to a camera or PC and transfer them to external services. It offers two services: a "short-term storage" that stores up to 30 days and a "long-term storage" that stores images up to 10GB for an unlimited period.

A failure was discovered on 10 GB storage for long-term storage on July 30 [Japan time]. The service from the "image.canon" mobile app and PC browser was stopped from 16:00 on the same day to conduct a detailed survey. As a result of the investigation, it was found that some of the user's still image/video data stored in the 10GB storage before 9 o'clock on June 16 was lost.

As a cause, when the company switched the software that controls the service to the new version on July 30, the program code that controls the short-term storage storage operates with both the short-term storage storage function and the long-term storage storage function. As a result, some images stored for 30 days or more disappeared. It is said that there is no outflow of still image/video data due to this failure.

After identifying and correcting the program code that caused the problem, the company restarted the service from August 4, but there is no technical means to recover the video out of the data lost this time, and the still image Although it was possible to recover to the downloadable state, it can not be restored to the original resolution.

“Canon takes the situation that caused this seriously, strengthens the management system, and strives to prevent recurrence in order to restore trust,'' commented the release. The affected users will be notified by email during August 4th.

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