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Canon, full-size mirrorless "EOS Ra" for astronomical photography

Canon announced the full-size mirrorless “EOS Ra” designed for full-scale astronomical photography on November 6th. The low-pass filter on the front of the image sensor is designed for astronomical photography so that it can be expressed in faithful colors, and photography with less noise is possible. The zoom ratio during live view has also been improved from a maximum of 10 times that of EOS R to a maximum of 30 times, enabling precise focusing.

The price is open, and the expected actual sales price is around 300,000 yen. Release is scheduled for early December.

  • Canon announces EOS Ra, an astronomical camera for the first time in seven years. This is the first full-size camera for astrophotography and the first mirror-less camera for the first astrophotography model.

This is a model for astronomical photography since the AOS-C single-lens reflex camera “EOS 60Da” released in 2012. The main change is that the characteristics of the low-pass filter are changed from the base EOS R, and the transmittance of the light emitted by the nebula is increased by about 4 times. In addition, by reducing the noise while increasing the common ISO sensitivity to ISO 40000, it has become possible to photograph the nebula with strong redness in a fine and vivid manner. The effective number of pixels of the image sensor is approximately 30.3 million.

  • Etacarina Nebula shooting example

  • Sample images of the Tidal Flat Nebula [M8, bottom] and the Trifid Nebula [M20, top]

When shooting using the rear LCD or electronic viewfinder, the screen magnification has been improved to a maximum of 30 times, making it easier to focus accurately even during manual focus. It is equipped with dual pixel CMOS AF, and it is said that it can accurately focus by autofocus.

The silent shutter supports silent shooting, so you can shoot without disturbing the surroundings. The video supports 4K / 30p 4K image quality, as well as 4K time-lapse video.

  • When used together with the optional timer remote controller TC-80N3, you can shoot speedily with no vibration and no sound.

Since EOS Ra is designed specifically for celestial shooting, it is not suitable for shooting general subjects other than celestial bodies. Although it is possible to shoot, it may result in an image that is more reddish than it actually is, and partial color irregularities may occur.

The main body size is W135.8 × H98.3 × D84.4mm and weighs about 660g [including memory card and battery].

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