Can't save money like “saving money”?

◆ Who can save money?
In today's difficult economic environment, people want to save money and become rich. However, from the history of mankind, it seems that “savings enthusiasts cannot be rich”. I tried to organize the unexpected work into 10 pieces.

◆ 1. Invest for freedom? Can you save for stability?
“Rich people invest to gain freedom, but ordinary people try to save to gain stability.”

Life becomes difficult when you enter the defense. It's obvious in the world of sports games where the preceding team tries to defend and eats a reversal play. When you try to keep your leads and reserves, your feelings are reluctant. Increasingly defensive.

That way, you can no longer play the original, hard play. In other words, if you seek stability, your growth potential, vitality, and the challenge will be reduced. Your special advantage is spoiled.

In that respect, the person who wants to be rich is not satisfied with the accumulation of some money because the purpose is to gain freedom. So continue to attack. I will continue to inspire myself. I continue to be greedy to grow more. And don't hesitate to spend money for that.

Please know that the desire for stability makes life hard.

◆ 2. Do you spend money to show appreciation? do not use?
“Rich people use money to show appreciation, but ordinary people try to pay little to save money.”

The rich man wrote that he was willing to spend money for his purpose, growth and challenge, but he also thinks that spending money altruistically is his value. Therefore, as a gratitude for the people around us and society, spending a little money is a common behavior among rich people.

For example, a tip for a store service is a symbol. Passing money personally to heartfelt hospitality and friendly service conveys gratitude, and at the same time rewards that person's efforts and contributes to the increase in the number of people who work hard. .

Those who cannot be rich are those who have more pain in reducing their money than the altruistic pleasure of giving their gratitude to others. That is a small ego. In the long run, money is left with only the right amount for your value.

Let's spread my vessel. And learn how to use money that is useful to others.

◆ 3. Is your way of thinking about “lost money” different?
“Those who are rich will praise lost money, but ordinary people will continue to count lost money.”

Money is a failure in life. Careless spending, impulsive consumption, meaningless waste and money will be lost. In life, the loss should be tens of millions of yen. That's why human beings can't do anything but perfectly rational usage.

Rather, the important thing is to learn and grow from the immature use of money. Therefore, there is waste that is not wasted. When you learn how to use money, you know that there are spending that comes alive later and spending that is really meaningless. To that end, people need to experience many failures and losses.

If you need money to learn, don't blame yourself because the expenditure is a necessary evil. Rather, sublimate to earn that learning and create new income.

If you forever reflect on your past spending, your thoughts will not turn to the future. People who are rich are good at switching thoughts.

◆ 4. Can I be happy without money? can not become?
“A rich person knows how to be happy without money, but a normal person thinks he can't be happy without money.”

The rich are not thinking about money. He became rich because he knew money was only a means [or tool] to achieve higher objectives. So the purpose of life is sublime and great than money.

Even if a rich person loses money, he does not lose his purpose. I'm looking for a way to get to the purpose of my life without using money. So rich people know how to be happy without money.

Normal people have no purpose in life. There are desires such as wanting to have a home, want children to go to a good school, and live comfortably after retirement. Since money is absolutely indispensable to satisfy material desire and ownership, it is natural to think that you cannot be happy without money.

◆ 5. Is your way of thinking about “future income” different?
“Those who are rich think about maximizing their future income, but ordinary people are prepared to lose their future income.”

A rich person is a person who can control money without being controlled by money. Although I am not tied to money, I feel joy in increasing money. Because I know that my knowledge, information, sensibility, and action power will bear fruit in the form of wealth.

Rich people are interested in maximizing their future income because they believe in their potential and their consciousness is towards the future. And don't be afraid to lose money. I think there is always a chance.

However, ordinary people give top priority to future money concerns. So, save, save, insure.

◆ 6. Do you manage your own money? Have your bank manage it?
"Those who are rich think that they have to manage their own money, but ordinary people feel safe when they are managed by a bank."

A rich man is a person who loves money. I will never handle it wildly or leave it to someone else. I know that the final decision is my responsibility and I can't blame anyone.

We decide the policy of distributing the place, distributing the operation staff, and using the three wallets [protect, store, increase]. But I don't want to do it all by myself. I'm trying to work smartly and use specialists.

Ordinary people are vulnerable to big brands [authorities]. If you leave it at a large bank, you will feel safe. It is misunderstood that it is a rich man's behavior to listen to someone who works for a large financial institution. But money does not increase with brands. Money is increased with love.

◆ 7. Is the “journey” of a rich man different from the “travel” of a normal person?
“People who are rich discover new life on a journey, but ordinary people try to forget everyday life on a journey.”

Rich people see travel as an investment. So spend money on the trip. That is because I think it is an opportunity to discover new everyday life and inject new energy into myself.

However, ordinary people tend to think of travel as a place where they forget their daily pains, pains and awfulness. It may be a healing place for a few days, but it is not an investment. When the trip is over, you just return to your normal routine. Since the expense of such a trip is definitely a consumption, it is easy to think that the cheaper is better.

Travel with money, discover new possibilities with new experiences. And new daily life begins. If you can make such a trip, don't you think it's okay to save some money?

◆ 8. Betting on your potential? Project your value on your bankbook balance?
“A rich person bets on his potential, but a normal person projects his value on his bankbook balance.”

Money is the result of human thinking and labor. Human labor has time constraints. You cannot continue working without sleeping. But thinking is infinite. Therefore, the results of thinking are endless.

Rich people aim to help their society by maximizing their abilities. To that end, we want to demonstrate the full potential and achieve the best performance. Nature and money will also increase.

However, ordinary people tend to judge their value from their bankbook balance. Although it is a thing of the past, it falls into a habit that can only imagine a similar future. It is a way of life that satisfies the current framework, and is a premise that is necessary for social stability. You may be blinded and tame by your own potential.

◆ 9. Eat “junk food”? Do not eat?
"The rich people avoid junk food because they are bad, but the average person eats junk food to save money."

The most important thing in health is not to eat bad things. However, many harmful foods are sold in front of us. There are many shops selling junk food in town. White sugar that can be called chemicals, fresh milk like plastic, margarine that accumulates in the body, shortening that destroys hormone balance, etc.

Such harmful people squeeze their bodies and make their brains crazy. Rich people take care of their health. So, even if it ’s a little expensive, try organic food and choose safe ingredients.

But ordinary people go to fast food stores to save money. I intend to save money by making meals cheaper, but I don't realize I'm paying for my health. A bad meal can take a long time and seriously affect the deep part of your body, so it's no wonder you don't notice it.

Japan has entered an era where proper food education is necessary. Protect your most important asset, health.

◆ 10. Thinking about what you can give to others? What do you expect from your opponent?
“A rich person thinks about what a person can be given, but a normal person always expects what he can get from the other person.”

The rich know that money is a reward for having helped others. So I try to give something to someone else. Contribution, support, support, cooperation, friendship, etc. The person who gave it is given. This is the law of nature. Give & Give is more accurate than Give & Take. It is given from giving.

However, people who can't become rich are always thinking about getting them from others. I want friendship, I want goodness, I want kindness, I want a salary, I want a job, I want an order. If someone gives me something, then I will “thank you”.

Give priority to what you get, save it, and return only a portion of it. So money is stagnant and the power of love does not flow. Those who think only to take away from others know that such luck will not last. So I have anxiety in the future. So, try to mow as much as you can to get ready for a depleted future.

How was it? Did you agree that savings lovers can't become rich? Let's hone our human power today and enjoy a bright life!

Text = Kunihiro Kitagawa [Money Guide]
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