“Car Smart”is the wrong VW software companies? Manufacturing and software development is the difference between mass production technology

Volkswagen[VW] Group company”Car. Software”is VW’s software development divisions to independent companies. Automotive OS”vw. os and the”cloud”Volkswagen Automotive Cloud”, such as deploy.

【Here】Sony is smart just! Appliances manufacturing of Sony in automotive manufacturing is difficult

Also, the local device platform,intelligent body, Digital Cockpit, automation, energy, mobile services,VW of software development in General are also responsible.

That is, VW developed software for integrated control software efficiency, and even the world standard for World Wide companies to sell that would be. Automotive software such as the OS platform and aim, this From Software of the automotive industry, the new vying for hegemony over the place, it’s a Japanese car after that, and I hope to be not so.

This Automobile Mechanical control is, respectively, of the ECU was done, but the architectures can combine,development costs and performance, increasing the aim is to VW is. For that reason, automobile manufacturing to software development has a specific gravity substantially in Japan recently, there has been an increase in the number of developments from each of the segment than developing a unified architecture with advantageous, and the need for them.

It individual suppliers, LeT and without a unified software manufacturers in-house can,VW is the world of the initiative would aim to do.

Because of this, these cars are”tire with a smartphone”and Express a this is a”terrible mistake”was. Tesla’s Elon Musk says this is a mistake, and this from deployed software that development is the most serious point.

However, the”smartphone”by connecting to the service with the function and operation sense as a”smartphone”is like this and does not deny. “Automobile manufacturing”when viewed as a configuration problem.

The “smartphone”of hard, most integrated circuits such as small home appliance and change. The manufacturing process is car to compare it,fairly simple just. Software”manufacturing”, and”copy”work day.

But automotive mechanism,design is done, it is possible to manufacture a need. However, the quality stable production technology, software development, and is directed to using the needed.

Software development, system design, coding,debugging and completing the finished product and if you can, the manufacturing process is copy technology and not that. On the other hand, automotive mechanism manufacturing, parts manufacturing, including supply chain building and maintaining them manage the needs of your production and maintenance systems building maintenance are also a challenge still.

Further, the machine mechanism and the control software will not necessarily be consistent about this a lot. Control software on easy movement, even the actual mechanism of moving parts to”play”as necessary.

For example, the fuel injection system start the pump, the injection timing to 1/1000th of a second unit to control the software of the target for the mechanism to match the movement of technology is required. And this mechanism,”precision to keep mass production”must be separate”manufacturing technology, production technology, quality control technology”the most advanced level in no……..

This need for an EV even if they do not change the EV and quantitatively reduced to the”easy to misunderstand that”that is the cause.

Currently, the cost of automobiles in the configuration software of the percentage is growing rapidly, the automobile and the finished product is”a mechanism of the masses”can understand it. As you can see”automotive hard”, and that”software”is published by the manufacture that itself is not easy going.

Furthermore, the software reliability to ensure technology is required. That is, this”quality control”in Software Quality Assurance is applied to. A considerable burden and risk, and. [Article: kenzoogata・The article list to look at]

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