Carbon cord of the universe trash removal JAXA and artificial flow star venture partnership

Outer space the”space debris”called Trash is floating, and the total amount is 1 billion and it, and the ship and the collision risk is concerned. The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency [JAXA]is 25, the space venture of ALE [Minato-ku, Tokyo], and space debris countermeasures for the demonstration to start and announced.

【Here】Space venture ALE,JAXA with space debris diffusion prevention device to begin the development of

■Space debris countermeasures

Space debris, get rid of the satellite using the method and from the ground to the laser irradiation method has been studied. Satellite how to take advantage of, the orbit of space debris to get rid of active removal [ADR] and of the satellite after mission completion, the trajectory exit from the passive removal[PDR]can be roughly classified into.

JAXA space debris measures, and ADR toward the private sector, and commercialization about cooperation in the joint demonstration to aim. JAXA is now ALE and a joint demonstration of the implementation of the space debris and prevent the spread of equipment. Steel dozens of times the hardness of our universe, a city of the material as it is also expected that the carbon nanotubes on the equipment used.

How the equipment works, a carbon nanotube made of string space on the Evolve,the Earth’s magnetic field by the mission is completed the satellite’s orbit to change that. This orbit altitude of descent is achieved,atmospheric reentry that would allow. Carbon nanotubes the space debris removing used to,this is the first in the world to do.

■To partner with the artificial flow Star Venture

JAXA, the private sector, etc. with space-related business with the aim of creating J-SPARC programme, and as part of space debris removal commercialization in collaboration with the universe of the venture ALE yet.

The ALE is the world’s first satellite by using an artificial shooting star the reproduction of working. Satellite from the dust and particles released in the atmosphere in the plasma emission can, artificial shooting stars reproduced that. In 2019, an artificial shooting star for Satellite 2 aircraft was successfully launched and now in orbit operations only. ALE of abundant research results on Space Debris Removal Operations early realization is expected.

JAXA, according to the 2021 fiscal year in the ultra-small satellite to the space debris removal device demonstrated after implementation of the equipment manufacturing and sales business will be. [Article: Kadono 未智・The article list to look at]

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