Carbon core guard structure G-SHOCK MUDMASTER “GG-B100” secret story-The development team challenges the glory full of mud! (4th night / final)

The G-SHOCK “MASTER OF G” series is intended for land, sea, air, extreme functions and performance required by each professional, and toughness. The latest work of “MUDMASTER” [Mad Master] that demonstrates outstanding performance on “Land”GG-B100”On the fourth night to talk to the development staff responsible for the planning, design, and design. In this final edition, we will ask you in detail about the innovations on the back and the band, and the innovative functions that greatly improve the usability of the watch.

■ G-SHOCK MUDMASTER “GG-B100” development secret story
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New value from the new concept of back cover

Mr. Yasuda“Hashimoto sticks not only to the front side but also to the back side. Regardless of the face side, the GG-B100 even had a sketch on the back side. This is also unusual.”

  • GG-B100

    A sketch of the back of the watch that is not usually awakened

Mr. Hashimoto“Traditionally, the back side was just a stainless steel back lid, but this time I wanted to stick to it a bit. So, I designed a resin back cover to cover the back lid.

As a result, the skin feels good when worn, and the corners do not hit the arm because the edges are round. I think that the rigidity of the stainless steel bag and the freedom of the shape unique to the resin were able to be removed.

In addition, I think that the back lid is made of resin, so it can be an option for those with metal allergies. ''

  • GG-B100

    GG-B100 back and parts back cover

However, this back cover could not be realized as expected.

Mr. Yasuda“When the resin cover is too thin and uneven, and it is molded and removed from the mold, it does not come off well. So, on the back side, create a rib that also serves as a sink, and bite the mold. In addition, there are many fine sculptures of letters and marks, and we devise them to prevent molding defects.

Although there is no room for space, there is a lot of information that should be put on the back cover, such as carbon core guard, Bluetooth mark, product name, model number, serial number. It can be entered if the characters and marks are made small, but if the sculpture is too delicate, it will be easily crushed. It's not the amount of information that can be done by mold molding anymore.

Therefore, the serial number was entered by laser engraving after assembly. However, laser engraving is inevitably colored, so we adjusted the laser output so that it doesn't feel uncomfortable even with the letters on the mold. I had never thought of laser output before, so I thought what would happen at one time. ''

  • GG-B100

    Pay attention to the amount of information on the back cover. This is the state before laser engraving

Ushiyama“With this back cover effect, many people gave up on the feeling of wearing at the new product launch. It was easy to wear against the look.”

Mr. Hashimoto"If you can feel the gap, it's a success. The front is rugged and the back is crushed. The aim was to be able to achieve both of these conflicting impressions. The part, the part that touches the skin, all of them are linked, and I think that there is more than one person, and I think Yasuda has helped me a lot.

First of all, it would be nice to have a second surprise that is different from what you are using. Why is this watch so easy to wear? Oh, this is because it is like this! Like. I think that it will lead to the experience value of a product only when a story in use is born. ''

The GG-B100 has a distinctive band. Of particular interest is the tip cover that covers the band joints.

  • GG-B100

    Tip cover to cover the band joint

  • GG-B100

    This makes a gentle curve from the back of the watch to the band, making it more comfortable to wear

Mr. Hashimoto“This was designed to inherit the form and fit that is similar to GWR-B1000. The connection from the case to the band will become natural, and the watch will comfortably follow the wrist. Of course, the band ”Prevents mud and sand from getting into the connection of

  • GWR-B1000

    GWR-B1000 tip cover. GG-B100 also inherits this design [back is under development]

Mr. Yasuda“The tip cover is made of urethane, but I was worried about where and how to divide it. I tried various parts. I screwed multiple parts that were combined in a complicated way. I have been asked many times, “How far is this part from 1 part?” “How is it divided?” “I don't know even if it is explained in words. [Laughs] "

Mr. Ushiyama"I was given the tip cover parts and tried to assemble. But I didn't know how to assemble it and finally couldn't assemble the band. This is the first time. The combination of parts is like a puzzle. After all, I went to Yasuda to ask. ''

Mr. Yasuda“I thought that this complicated structure was G-SHOCK again [laughs]”

Customize your watch with the app! ?

The GG-B100 is equipped with a new function called “location indicator” that can automatically adjust the time with the mobile link function via the smartphone application “G-SHOCK Connected” and can record the position and measure the direction and distance from the current location. I have already said that. In fact, there is another new feature that the interviewers have been impressed with. I would like Mr. Ushiyama to explain this.

Mr. Ushiyama“When you press the mode button on this type of high-performance watch, the modes are lined up and you may even feel inconvenient. No matter how much you press the button, the mode you are looking for does not come out. I don't know which mode is which mode, or passed while I was pushing, I think this is a lot of stress.

Therefore, the GG-B100 has a new “mode customization function”. Altitude measurement and barometric pressure measurement are used but temperature measurement is not required, sunrise / sunset is necessary, alarm set is often used, so you can easily bring such things to the front with the application [G-SHOCK Connected] ”

  • G-SHOCK Connected

    Simply switch between using and not using the function on “G-SHOCK Connected”. To change the order, long press and drag the three lines at the right end of the mode name.

Can you change the order? ? Isn't this very convenient! [Reaction mom during coverage]

Mr. Ushiyama“That's right. Once you ’ve specified the customization, send this setting to the watch. Then it ’s reflected in the watch… you see the alarm screen just by pressing the mode button once.

[Surprised voice from interviewers saying “Oh!”]

One more thing. If you select “Display” in the mode customization, you can select the elements to be displayed in the clock state. For example, if you want to display steps, barometric pressure graphs, hours, minutes, steps, hours, minutes, seconds, etc. "

  • G-SHOCK Connected

    Customize elements when displaying clocks. Finally, you can [literally] have a "really useful watch for you"!

There is certainly a demand for such things as wanting to turn off the world time because I rarely go abroad. By customizing the on / off of the functions, you can bring the watch closer to your lifestyle, or even feel like the watch is getting closer. According to Ushiyama, the GG-B100 is the only G-SHOCK equipped with this function at the moment, but he wants to install it on other G-SHOCKs.

Mr. Ushiyama“This feature was inspired by a story from a rescue crew. They often use stopwatches in both production and training, but they have to press the button many times to get from watch mode to stopwatch mode. I must manage this. "

Casio quickly adopted the mobile link function by Bluetooth in the watch. After 6 years, unique and practical use know-how of mobile links seems to have been accumulated while linking the sensor technology that is good at it.

Mr. Ushiyama“In addition to this, it is possible to select whether the barometric graph display is“ 1 hPa unit at 2 hour intervals ”or“ 0.1 hPa unit at 2 minute intervals ”, and the details are also evolving.”


The GG-B100's back story, which incorporates unprecedented functions and structures, has been sent in an unprecedented volume.

In order to improve user satisfaction, I think that G-SHOCK's evolution beyond the wall one after another is beyond the scope of interviews and leads to tips on our own work and way of life.

The GG-B100 can be said to be the crystal of wisdom, technology and challenge of truly tough men. The absolute trust that keeps ticking the time even in the harshest environment, by all means in your arm.

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