Carbon laminated bezel "G-SHOCK MT-G" Red and blue

Casio Computer Co., Ltd. announced on September 4 two models of the "MT-G" series with a carbon laminated bezel as a new product of the shock resistant watch "G-SHOCK". Two colors, the red model “MTG-B1000XBD” and the blue model “MTG-B1000XB”, will be available on October 5. The suggested retail price is 135,000 yen for red [excluding tax] and 120,000 yen for blue.

The MT-G series, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, is a model that combines the characteristics of metal and resin. The new model is based on the existing model "MTG-B1000" and uses carbon material for the bezel for the first time in the series.

  • Red model "MTG-B1000XBD"

  • Blue model "MTG-B1000XB"

The bezel was three-dimensionally molded with two or more layers of two types of sheets combining carbon woven materials and colored fiber woven materials. The red model is red, and the blue model is white as a layer of colored fiber woven material.

  • Red model bezel

  • Blue model bezel

The band part is a red model with a layer composite band that is lighter with a fine resin layered on the back of metal parts. The blue model uses a soft urethane band that is soft and highly fit.

Also equipped with functions such as Bluetooth linked to smartphones and radio solar. The power source is tough solar [solar charging system], and the continuous drive time is about 18 months [power saving state]. Corresponds to 20 standard atmosphere waterproofing. The main body size is W55.8 × D51.7 × H14.4mm, and the weight is 171g for the red model and 112g for the blue model.

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