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It is no exaggeration to say that it is synonymous with Kaldi, "Panda apricot tofu," which is extremely popular. There are many people who think of that pretty package in their mind. ‥

You can enjoy it as it is as apricot tofu, but this time I'd like to arrange it in an ice bar or shaved ice that is perfect for summer ♪

I want to recommend rich apricot lover

Panda apricot tofu can be made just by cooling it in the refrigerator in this box. This time I bought a 500ml pack, but there is also a mini size with a 200ml pack.

The taste is very milky and rich enough to remind you of milk pudding! It is a type of texture that I would like to recommend to those who like plum-prun-apricot apricot kernels rather than those who prefer a refreshing apricot kernel.

Do you know what happens when you open this box?

I opened the one that had been stored at room temperature along the cutting line. It is neither solid nor completely liquid, but in a thick state.

If you cool and harden the box as it is, a rectangular almond tofu will be completed, but if you reheat it in the pan once, make it a complete liquid and cool it in your favorite container …

You can make apricot tofu in any shape you like ♪ Because it is a soft apricot kernel, it will spread a little if it is a type of container removed from the mold. It seems that it is better to harden it in a container that can be eaten as it is.


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