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CarKey function that can use iPhone as a car key, will be realized soon? Clues from iOS 13.6 beta-Engadget Japan

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There have been several rumors that a "CarKey" that can use the iPhone as a car key is under development. It is reported that this may be implemented soon in the minor update iOS 13.6 without waiting for the next major update iOS 14 (tentative).

In the first place, CarKey is US 9to5 Mac in FebruaryFirst clues found since iOS 13.4 beta.. It was speculated that it could be used in a car that supports NFC (Near Field Communication) keys by using iPhone or Apple Watch as a virtual key.

Now the new clue isGerman information site iPhone TickerIs the latest iOS 13.6 Beta found in the "Privacy" section of the Wallet app, which 9to5Mac confirmed. There you will find detailed instructions on how to add your car key to the Wallet app.

Since this description was first updated in the latest beta, it indicates that CarKey may be implemented at the same time as the official release of iOS 13.6–9to5Mac speculates,Next Week's Developer Conference WWDC20It may be announced at.

According to it, CarKey is a system that allows you to add a virtual key that is compatible with "specific cars" (models supported by the manufacturer) to the iPhone Wallet app. First, sign in to the corresponding app of the car manufacturer and follow the procedure to register the car key. Or, it is said that you can directly register the virtual key using the pairing code screen in the Wallet app.

By following this procedure, the car key authentication token will be paired with the iPhone. Furthermore, in order to prevent identity fraud, the user's location and account information are also used.

You can also share a virtual key with your family by pressing the (Invite) button on the back of your car key pass (probably equivalent to a typical smart key). Furthermore, it is said that it can be shared with other iPhone users via iMessage, and it seems that the convenience provided by virtual keys is provided.

Starting from iOS 13.4.5 beta, even low-end models such as the new iPhone SE and some old iPhones will support CarKey by NFCThe possibility is foundOn the other hand, the iPhone 11 series may use the U1 chip that uses the UWB (ultra-wide band) wireless system.Was pointed out.. In other words, the support model is widespread, but the latest flagship model may increase security.

Of course, in all cases, it is a major premise that the car manufacturer prepares the car type and official application that support CarKey. WWDC20 may also announce an automaker working with Apple.


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