Carlos Ghosn defendant,弘中 惇一郎 lawyer and ultimate insulation! (Top)

Nissan’s former Chairman,Carlos Ghosn defendant 2019 year 12 on 31 October, Public Relations in charge of the French companies through the jaw-dropping statement.

【Here】Gone are the defendants 弘中 counsel they could not accept that,out of distrust!

“I was in Lebanon, the guilty are expected to progress to the Japanese judicial system under the prisoners is not. Japan is to defend international law and treaties do not desire it,discrimination is made as a matter of course that human rights are violated. I political persecution and injustice is rampant in Japan away. In Japan, the trial of the were weapons, not the media free and in a position to take back next week, activities from the start.”

That is, the colony’s escape from persecution for National Salvation hero, but in their native comrades for the gift of solidarity of the message seems.

Previous 12 months 30 days to tell them your status, the bail conditions on the streets of Tokyo Housing to live in, almost every day law firms are visiting,bail conditions within the scope of computer use,court records read daily and tell them. Of course, his wife Carol and interviews with the court’s permission is required for this and are well aware of, and perhaps law firms from coverage based on”exemplary bail life”is published.

Gone the defendant is covert behind the fugitive and prepare to have the 31 days, the media coverage depending on the 弘中 惇一郎 lawyers”寝耳 water is the talk of the bewildered. The fact that if the bail condition violations,”said may know it.

Gone are the defendants imposed on the main bail conditions (1) Tokyo in the pre-filed housing residence can. (2) a passport or a lawyer to check overseas travel is prohibited. (3) incident personnel contact ban. (4) for housing surveillance cameras to be installed. (5) the mobile Internet and e-mail not available, call destination is also limited. (6) law offices within Internet connected computer only use allowed, was.

Bail conditions admitted of the Tokyo District Court, even if compliance will be responsible for the law firm to you. 30 days of coverage for, depending on the exemplary bail living and tell your law firm, as he is a proper responsibility for that caused that.

Gone are the defendant and acquitted contractors self-proclaimed 弘中 惇一郎 between lawyers, the draught is blowing and this is obvious. “Gone are the defendants 弘中 counsel they could not accept that,out of distrust!” With 19 years and 5 months with of must not provide the content of this article both drifting in disturbing the air to tell all……

弘中 lawyers are former 大鶴基成 lawyers had gone to the defendant,”not guilty contractors”and their touting of lawyers sat down and took it. “Innocent contractors”hired have gone to the defendants, The 十重二十重 of the bail conditions attached, and this is itself a disappointment, was the beginning of the.

弘中 lawyer at the end, as the was gone the defendant is a lawyer, also deceiving the fugitive is preparing for you. Of course the bail to be bound by the terms and conditions and good cell phone and Internet use by the incident personnel(Carol Mrs.), including contact with repetition,fled to the stage of kneading up, came going.” Exemplary bail life”gives 12 months of 30 days coverage is emptiness. (Article: 矢牧 滋夫・The article list to look at)

Read: Carlos Ghosn defendant,弘中 惇一郎 lawyer and ultimate insulation! (Below)

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