Carlos Ghosn has criticized the judicial system (1) America is the reverse, with”innocence claim”is bail not

Carlos Ghosn is the criticism of many of Japan’s judicial system on that of the”problem”I think not,and the bail of the review criteria. For example in America is the opposite,”innocence”claims and released on bail without being jailed continues. In the USA”admit guilt”and released on bail not. The point is,”推定無罪”of the rule.

【Here】【Nissan what is wrong of it? (1)】Carlos Ghosn at a press conference said on the origin

Japan’s judicial system,”the Universal Declaration of human rights 11, paragraph 1,International Covenant on civil and Political Rights Article 14 Section 2″of the infringement is concerned. That is, false accusations to prevent the”guilty until proven 推定無罪”with human rights the basic position of Japan on the judicial system is not.

In Japan,”innocence claim”to those who,of their claims was jailed for,”sin admitted, they take”said,a pre-historic torture of such a state to be placed. Therefore, the molestation charges, such as in”the testimony of the victim”relies on the same by the police to the suspects confession to extort by false accusation birth.

This idea is the Japanese judicial system in General to go across the court and civil even in the”Settle This lawsuit if you finish”and a settlement is forced to. So,”the lawsuit most wins”is if the lawyer is a reward to the plaintiff in the lawsuit may prompt, dignified and made. The Civil Court of the actual witness to that fact.

Big damage to you if you are sued for more cost and stress to thinking and even swallow them. This is the basic justice of the Constitution as is. The court also officers, and”a lot of time and effort, without judgment or”the highest priority, the truth was to pursue justice or seek to think where.

Japan’s judicial system”and that”its operations and”human rights abuses of fear”because there is a”hostage approach”called Inception. Long imprisoned that confessions coerced by. Therefore, public attention is not civil and in a criminal case is”darkness was buried in a”false accusation is a number, it look to have. This for the entity, any opportunity to see an article on it or not.

Carlos Ghosn, the defendant, the money left to the Japanese judicial system to ignore the fugitive can not forgive the feelings,as a Japanese person, of course you are. However, gone are the defendant from the standpoint of if you think about it,Japan’s judicial system is not reliable and the very feeling of”how not”to say.

Japanese is mortifying, but a global standard, but in 1948, 12 month 10 days of the 3rd International Coalition General Assembly adopted the”Declaration of Rights”on the back, that the Japanese judicial authorities acknowledged anew as well. (Article: kenzoogata・The article list to look at)

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