Cars owned by Mussolini│Perfect full restoration on tattered body!

It has been announced that Alfa Romeo's racing car, which is one of the rarest, will be fully restored to the competition level. One of them was the 1930 Alfa Romeo 6C 1750, which was first owned by Benito Mussolini, the founder of the Fascist Party in Italy and dictatorship.

This racing car with chassis number 6C312898 was delivered to Mussolini on January 13, 1930. The purchase price was 60,000 lira. Mussolini participated in a racing event held in Italy in the 1930s, but began politics in earnest and gave up the car. He then moved on to several owners, and in 1937 moved to Estoria.

While owned by multiple owners, the fenders and headlights for public road specifications have been removed to become race specifications. His current appearance is dusty and the exterior is severely damaged. Although it is far from the original form, it is restored to the original condition as much as possible with thorough restoration. It is expected to take thousands of hours to complete.

Thornley Kelham, a UK-based restore shop, recreates the conditions of the days when Mussolini was at the wheel. When listing up which parts are missing, it appears to be a huge number. "It's going to be the most difficult restore we've ever tried, but the history of such a car must be preserved," said Simon Thornley, CEO of Thornley Kelham.

Look forward to the news of completion.

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