Cartoonist Kotoko Hyuga marries a 16-year-old younger man last October

Kotoko Hyuga, a 43-year-old manga artist and love hotel critic, was married in October last year to a 27-year-old man working for a publishing company.

The two met each other in Tokyo, Shinjuku, a monthly sub-cultural exchange event called the 20th Meeting. Two people who participated in the meeting held on October 20, 2018 exchanged contact information. After several encounters, she developed into a companionship and met and filed a marriage registration on October 20, last year, the first anniversary.

Hyuga said, "I was on a wandering trip to India for a month and was proposed shortly after I came back. Apparently I was dying on the road and seemed aware of marriage. Was on the outer stairs of Tokyo Tower. " Her husband is a good-looking guy who is similar to Hiroyuki Ariyoshi, but has eight years of Muay Thai history and is both adventurous and masculine.

Hyuga married an eleven-year-old man at the age of 20, but divorced in three years. She has been married for the first time in 20 years, and has been working as a marriage counselor assistant at the Nishi-Shinjuku Marriage Consultation Office.

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