Casio and C. Bechstein collaborate with a new electronic piano model

Casio Computer Co., Ltd. announced on August 6 a new product [four models] of the electronic piano “CELVIANO Grand Hybrid” pursuing the performance of the grand piano.

CELVIANO Grand Hybrid has a tone developed jointly with German C. Bechstein, a global piano manufacturer. The first model was released in September 2015 and continues to be popular.


  • GP-510BP


The black-polished GP-510BP was released on August 23rd, and the price was open. The estimated market price [excluding tax] was 398,000 yen.

Adopting the “AiR Grand sound source” that expresses the beautiful tone and rich sound of the grand piano, the maximum number of simultaneous sounds is 256, and the number of tones is 35. Berlin Grand, Hamburg Grand, and Vienna Grand are installed as the sound source of the grand piano, and the sound of the Berlin Grand was jointly developed with C. Bechstein.

The keyboard is a “natural ground hammer action keyboard” that combines a spruce wood keyboard with an action mechanism. This is also particular about the feel of the keyboard of the grand piano.

The "Grand Acoustic System" that reproduces the sound of a grand piano that spreads up and down is equipped with a dedicated downward speaker for bass playback. It expresses a gorgeous middle and high tone without leaving a profound bass. Built-in 16cm x 2 and 10cm + 5cm x 2 speakers. Output is 30W + 30W, 20W + 20W.

One of the performance functions, the “scene function,” presets 15 types of combinations, such as tones, reverberations, and effects that match the music genre. You can also save your own combination according to your preference. The “Concert Play Function” allows you to enjoy performances based on the recorded live performance data of the orchestra, and the “Hall Simulator” allows you to experience different acoustic characteristics for each performance hall.

In addition, the “Players Position” where you can enjoy the presence of sitting and playing in front of the grand piano, and the “Listeners Position [3 types]” that give you the effect of listening to the performance from the audience.

Input / output terminals include headphones x 2 [standard stereo jack], line in / out x 2 [standard jack], USB port, etc. The main body size is W1,434 × D489 × H963mm [not including the music stand], and the weight is 78.5kg.

GP-310BK / GP-310WE

  • GP-310BK


  • GP-310WE


GP-310 is available in two colors, blackwood and whitewood. Released on September 6, the price is open and the estimated market price [excluding tax] is around 298,000 yen.

The main difference from GP-510 is that the number of timbres is limited to 26, and it does not correspond to acoustic simulator aliquot resonance and open string resonance. There is also no “Scene Function” preset. Other specifications are almost the same as GP-510.


  • AP-710BK


The Blackwood-like AP-710 was released on October 4th, the price was open, and the estimated market price [excluding tax] was around 168,000 yen. In terms of functionality, the keyboard is "3 sensor scaling hammer action keyboard II", the speakers are 2 x 12cm x 4.5cm, and the output is 30W + 30W. The grand acoustic system is omitted. The main body size is W1,377 x D427 x H911mm [not including music stand], and the weight is 48kg. Other specifications are almost the same as GP-310.

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