Casio and Kose start joint development research and demonstration experiment of nail printer

Casio Computer Co., Ltd. and Kose announced on October 31 that they will start joint development research on nail printers together with the cooperation of both companies. Casio will enter the beauty tech market and create new nail experiences and values, while Kose will strengthen its personalization proposals in the nail color field. Kose is also developing nail colors for printing.

  • Casio, Kose, nail printer
  • Casio, Kose, nail printer
  • Image of nail printer [left photo] and nail [right photo]

In this joint development research, first of all, Kose will install a Casio nail printer prototype at a new concept experience store “Maison KOSÉ” which will open in Ginza, Tokyo in December 2019. I do.

  • Maison KOSÉ

Casio's nail printer [prototype] prints one finger nail in 15 seconds. The whole process is nail preparation, printing and coating, and finishes in about 15 minutes. Even when printing on multiple fingers [nails], the time required for the nail preparation is almost the same. In principle, any art or character can be drawn due to the mechanism of printing digital data.

Casio said, “In the beauty tech market, which is attracting attention as a new growth field, we will build a solid structure by obtaining a strong partner called Kose, and enter the beauty tech market with nail printers, providing new value in the nail area. Aim ".

Kose said, “We will combine digital technology and product development capabilities, including Casio Computer's printing technology, with high value-added manufacturing that combines Kose's functionality and sensibility. We will explore and research nail experiences and additional value and services. "

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