Casio and X-girl collaborate with zebra pattern BABY-G-25th Anniversary

On August 28, Casio Computer Co., Ltd. announced “BGD-570XG”, a collaboration with street fashion brand “X-girl” as a new product, “BABY-G”, an impact watch for women. Released on September 6th, the price is 14,000 yen excluding tax.

  • BGD-570XG and special package

“X-girl” is a fashion brand that incorporates elements from street scenes such as music, culture, and sports, and proposes street styles that match the times. Both BABY-G and X-girl were born in 1994, and this collaboration was realized in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of both brands.

The “BGD-570XG” has a black skeleton material and a zebra pattern animal pattern that was popular in the 90s on the face and band of the watch. The X-girl logo is laid out on the face and the ring. On the back cover, there is an illustration designed by the director and graphic designer Mike Mills, who worked on the logo, and a graphic with the message "There is no time like the present." It is engraved.

The special package uses a skeleton bag with a BABY-G logo and X-girl logo that can be used as a shoulder bag.

The main body is water resistant to 20 atmospheres and has a stopwatch function, timer function, alarm function, world time display function, calendar function, and so on. The main body size is 44.9 x 43.0 x 12.9mm, and the weight is about 45g.

  • BGD-570X main unit

  • Back cover graphic

  • Special package can be used as a shoulder bag

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