Casio, dermoscope for dermatologists and plastic surgeons

Casio Computer will launch the DZ-S50 dermoscope for dermatologists and plastic surgeons on March 16. The sales are Casio's site for doctors "D'z IMAGE" Dermoscope is a dedicated magnifier for observing pigment lesions such as skin tumors when examining skin diseases.

  • DZ-S50


The tax included price of the DZ-S50 is 76,780 yen, and a conversion lens "DSL-50M" that increases the lens magnification from 6x to 9x is also available as an option. It can be easily attached and detached with a magnet. When purchasing the DZ-S50 and DSL-50M at the same time, the tax included price is 87,780 yen.

  • Conversion lens "DSL-50M"

  • DZ-S50

    DSL-50M conversion lens attached to DZ-S50 dermoscope

Casio has been working with dermatologists and plastic surgeons since 2015 to develop and provide doctors' learning services and equipment through medical-engineering collaboration. The DZ-S50 has been developed based on the needs of the dermatologists and the accumulated data. One example is the use of a large-diameter lens with a diameter of 40.5 mm to observe the affected area over a wide area, and one-touch switching between polarized and non-polarized light to make it easier to examine the affected area.

  • DZ-S50

    Usage image

The body size is W67.5 x H140.2 x D23.1mm, weighs about 125g, and is light and portable and finished in a size and weight. It has an LED light that illuminates the affected area, with 6 lights for polarized light and 3 lights for non-polarized light. The power supply is a built-in battery, and the continuous lighting time of the LED light is about 120 minutes.

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