Casio, electronic dictionary which can download additional contents with Wi-F installed

Casio Computer announced on January 9 a total of 13 models, including a high school model, a college model, and a business model, as new products in the electronic dictionary "EX-Word" series. Released sequentially from January 24, the price is open. The estimated market price [excluding tax] is around 35,000 yen to 55,000 yen.

All models are compatible with IEEE802.11b / g / n compliant wireless LAN [2.4 GHz band], and you can download and purchase additional content. The download contents are paid, but the new product will offer a free download distribution service of "CNN ENGLISH EXPRESS Work Sheet". The offer is scheduled for July. The difference between the models is the recorded content, and the hardware is almost the same.

XD-SX4800 [High school student model]

  • XD-SX4800


The XD-SX4800 is a high school model with enhanced English content. Available in white, black, green, blue and orange. Launched on January 24, the estimated market price is around 45,000 yen [all excluding tax].

With 220 content, you can learn English grammar and grammar using example sentences and explanations. "Comprehensive English Evergreen", "Vision Quest Comprehensive English 2nd Edition", "Genius Comprehensive English", "GTEC Past Questions" Shu, "Eiken past 6 times all problems".

On the function side, a voice button that allows you to listen to the correct pronunciation with native pronunciation is provided on the side of the screen. English content that supports "search count display" that shows the number of searches has been expanded.

The display size is 5.2 inches and the resolution is 864 x 480 dots. The power supply uses two AA batteries, and the battery life is about 130 hours. The built-in memory is about 500MB and has a microSDHC memory card slot. The body size is W157.5 x D101 x H18.4mm, weighs about 290g [including batteries].

XD-SX4900 [High school student model]

The high school model XD-SX4900 is also available in white, black and green. Released on January 24, the estimated market price is around 50,000 yen.

The number of contents is 240, and includes "Thorough Illustrative Royal English Grammar Revised New Edition", English-Japanese Dictionary "Leaders English-Japanese Dictionary 3rd Edition", "Leaders Plus", "TOEIC Test Official Problem Collection New Format Problem Edition" etc. .

XD-SX4200 [High school student model]

The XD-SX4200 is also a high school student model. Body color is white only. Released on January 24, the estimated market price is around 35,000 yen. The content count is 60 and includes "Genius English-Japanese Dictionary 5th Edition / Japanese-English Dictionary 3rd Edition", "Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English 6th Edition" and so on.

XD-SX3800 [small / junior high school model]

  • XD-SX3800


/ The XD-SX3800, a small and junior high school model, is available in two colors, white and green. Released on January 24, the estimated market price is around 44,000 yen.

The content number is 220, “ The correct way to write 1026 elementary kanji characters '' which displays the stroke order of all kanji learned at elementary school with animation, “ Kids Crown English-Japanese Dictionary '' where you can enjoy learning English for the first time with illustrations, from elementary school basic education Includes "High School Entrance Exam Revisions for 1st and 2nd Year High School Revised Edition", which allows for a full review of 1st and 2nd years of junior high school.

XD-SX20000 [Professional model]

The XD-SX20000 belonging to "Life / Business" is a professional model, and the body color is black & brown. Released on February 14, the estimated market price is around 70,000 yen. It has 200 contents, and includes the "Selected Edition Japanese Language Dictionary" that shows the history of Japanese, and the "Shogakukan Random House English-Japanese Dictionary 2nd Edition", which includes English from the United States and the United Kingdom as well as the world.

XD-SX8500 [business model]

The business model XD-SX8500 is available in dark blue, light brown and pink gold. Released on January 24, the estimated market price is around 46,000 yen. It has 200 contents, and includes "TOEIC Test Official Questions Collection New Format Questions" and "NHK Radio Radio English Conversation" to improve the English skills required for business.

XD-SX6500 [life and culture model]

The XD-SX6500, a life and culture model, is available in black, champagne gold, and red. Released on January 24, the estimated market price is around 43,000 yen. It has 160 contents, and includes "Kojien 7th Edition" and "Kotomoto Haiku Toshikiki" to deepen education such as current affairs.

Foreign language model, physical and chemical model

Other foreign language models include English, German, French, and Chinese models. The estimated market prices are all around 55,000 yen. The dictionaries for each language are enriched.

There is also a foreign language-based model with limited recorded content, and the estimated market price is around 44,000 yen. It is assumed that dictionaries for each language will be added depending on the download content. Download content in foreign languages ​​is 11,000 yen [excluding tax].

In addition, a lineup of physics and chemistry models, including the Physics and Chemical Dictionary, the High School Mathematics Encyclopedia 9th Edition, and the 5th Edition of Iwanami Physics and Science Dictionary, is also available. The estimated market price is around 55,000 yen.

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