Casio Fall / Winter 2019 Watch New Product Presentation “BABY-G”

Casio Fall / Winter 2019 New watch launch theme is “advanced technology, original CMF design-Color.Material.Finish.” This time, BABY-G is a ladies watch with the only character, an iconic and cool toughness watch for active women.

Along with the sub-brand “G-MS” that appeals a sophisticated style by adopting a metal case, a lineup of chic colors like the fall / winter model is available. Click on the photos to enlarge. All release months are planned and prices are tax excluded.

Casio Fall / Winter 2019 Watch New Product Presentation
Carbon metal
New color
  • BABY-G

    BABY-G exhibition corner


    G-MS corner

MSG-W300, a new compact case model that takes the G-MS concept one step further

A new model "MSG-W300" that evolved the concept of G-MS called "Adult BABY-G" to make it easier to communicate has appeared. The biggest feature is the SS [stainless steel] case, which is 38.0mm x 34.4mm x 10.8mm, which is smaller than the "MSGW-200" already on sale.

Featuring a simple and smart design that seems to be G-MS, the femininity stands out even more by reducing the size. In addition, stud indexes and mirror-polished bezels reflect light and shine brightly, creating a gorgeous female hand.

  • MSG-W300C-7AJF


  • MSG-W300CB-1AJF


  • MSG-W300CG-5AJF


  • MSG-W300-2AJF


  • MSG-W300G-1AJF


Equipped with tough solar and radio clock [Japan and China]. Combined with the index, second hand, and date display that firmly represent all times without omission, it is convenient and easy to use, and reassuring any scene. However, the super illuminator that illuminates the dial in the dark is not installed. This will be a material for comparison with MSG-W200.

The design is deployed in all 5 models. Of these, 3 models have composite band specifications that were popular with MSGW-200, and 2 models have resin band specifications. By the way, a composite band is a band that combines a high-quality metal with light weight and comfort by combining a plastic H piece with an SS H piece.

  • MSGW-200

    MSGW-200 [on sale]

The price is 36,000 yen for the silver case + white composite band "MSG-W300C-7AJF". Both the case and composite band are 38,000 yen for the black IP "MSG-W300CB-1AJF" and the pink gold IP "MSG-W300CG-5AJF". Released in October.

The black resin band “MSG-W300-2AJF” is 30,000 yen for the silver case, and the black resin band “MSG-W300G-1AJF” is 32,000 yen for the pink gold IP case. Released in November.

BABY-G 25th anniversary model from G-MS! "MSG-W325CGD"

Based on the MSG-W300 introduced above, "MSG-W325CGD-1AJR" has been released to commemorate the 25th anniversary of BABY-G. A gold IP case combined with a black dial and a gold x black bicolor composite band.

The diamond is set at 12 o'clock, 6 o'clock and 9 o'clock at the index. Since diamond is the hardest ore on Earth, it has the meaning of “not tough = toughness spirits”. The back cover is engraved with the BABY-G 25th anniversary logo. Other specifications are the same as the base model. The price is 43,000 yen and will be released in November.

  • MSG-W325CGD-1AJR


"BGA-2510" lineup of 3 colors with the theme of earth color

Three new colors have appeared in the “BGA-2500” analog-digital combination model equipped with high-performance features such as tough solar, multi-band 6 radio clock, and neon illuminator in a cute round case.

  • BGA-2510-2AJF


  • BGA-2510-5AJF


  • BGA-2510-4AJF


This theme is “Earth Color”. Lineup of navy [BGA-2510-2AJF], ​​brown [BGA-2510-5AJF], ​​and beige [BGA-2510-4AJF] that are easy to match with the coordinates of autumn and winter. Each model has a feminine accent with pink gold on the index, needle and LCD window border as the main color. Other specifications are the same as the base model. All prices are 21,000 yen and will be released in November.

G-SHOCK masterpiece is upgraded to BABY-G new model! "BGD-5700"

BABY-G “BGD-570” with a square digital window in a round case inspired by G-SHOCK “G-5700”. A high-performance model “BGD-5700” with a solar cell at the close-off part and a radio clock compatible with multiband 6 is now available.

  • BGD-5700-1JF


  • BGD-5700-1JF


  • BGD-5700-7JF


Available in three colors: black [BGD-5700-1JF] in black [only in this model], navy BGD-5700-2JF, and white BGD-5700-7JF. The case size is 44.9mm x 43.0 x 12.9mm. The price is 18,000 yen each and will be released in November.

A new model conscious of the outdoors appears in vintage colors "BGA-260"

Introducing an analog digital combination model with a simple design. With the concept of outdoor use, the minute hand reminiscent of an hour hand and tools with a lantern motif. The long bar index, which is unusual for ladies' models, is a Casio-like consideration that tries to convey the time accurately.

  • BGA-260-1AJF


  • BGA-260-3AJF


  • BGA-260-4AJF


  • BGA-260-7AJF


It has basic but standard features such as LED lights that can check the time even at night, world time display in 29 cities, stopwatch, timer and alarm. The case and band are made of resin. The case size is 46.1mm x 42.4mm x 12.3mm. Battery life is about 3 years. 10 ATM water resistant.

This time, a slightly dull vintage color is used. Recommended for outdoor fashion and natural coordination.

Black Case + Black Dial “BGA-260-1AJF”, Dark Green Case + Black Dial “BGA-260-3AJF”, Pink Case + White Dial “BGA-260-4AJF” White Case + White Dial “BGA” -260-7AJF "will be deployed in all 4 models. The black dial features sandblast-like satin expression. The price is 13,000 yen each and will be released in October.

A classic winter! Shiny dial model "BA-130"

Shiny dial model that can be said to be the classic of autumn and winter. The motif is "Christmas tree ornament". When the built-in LED is turned on in the daylight or in the dark, the dial color shines brightly in blue [BA130-1A2JF], yellow [BA130-1A3JF], and pink [BA130-1A4JF] in a matte black case . It is a watch that makes you feel as if you are in the urban illuminations.

The specifications are the same as the base model “BA-130”. The price is 15,000 yen each and will be released in November.

  • BA130-1A2JF


  • BA130-1A3JF


  • BA130-1A4JF

    BA130-1A4JF [center]

Geometric pattern "BA-110TH"

G-SHOCK's hit model "GA-1100" is almost the same as the BA-110. A model featuring a 90s geometric pattern [geometric pattern] appears in the band.

  • BA-110TH-1AJF


  • BA-110TH-7AJF


The sporty impression is given by cutting diagonally without putting the pattern evenly. It is likely to become a model that plays an active part in a wide range of sports, from casual toughness to cycling, tennis, and winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding.

Available in black “BA-110TH-1AJF” and white “BA-110TH-7AJF”. The price is 15,500 yen each and will be released in November.

BABY-G Origin, "BGD-525F" Reprinted for 25th Anniversary

G-SHOCK “DW-5000” bar protector that was one of BABY-G's identities at the time. The old BABY-G model “DW-520” has been reprinted to commemorate the 25th anniversary of BABY-G. The base model is the “BGD-501”, which inherited the origin bloodline and updated specifications such as world time.

  • BGD-525F-6JR


The case back lid and special box contain a 25th anniversary logo. In addition, when the backlight is lit, the “G” logo that was used at the time of release appears. The model number is “BGD-525F-6JR”. The price is 11,500 yen and will be released in December.

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