Casio Fall / Winter 2019 Watch New Product Presentation, “G-SHOCK Carbon Metal”

Casio Fall / Winter 2019 New watch launch theme is “advanced technology, original CMF design-Color.Material.Finish.” CMF design refers to colors [colors], materials [materials], and finishes [finishes] written in English letters. It is a declaration that pursuing the “true product value” ahead of technology by further increasing the CMF of Casio Watch with advanced, reliable, practicality [all the photos shown are enlarged by clicking. All release months are planned and prices are tax-excluded.

Casio Fall / Winter 2019 Watch New Product Presentation
Carbon metal
New color

    G-SHOCK corner

  • Casio watch brands, including G-SHOCK, are also active in various sports

The hottest stock this time is MT-G! 「MTG-B1000XBD」 「MTG-B1000XB」

Gleaming luxury, safe toughness, and light comfort. “MT-G” is a hybrid material watch that actively pursues the advantages of both metal and resin. The latest model with a multi-band 6 radio clock that supports standard radio waves from 6 stations around the world, and an automatic time adjustment function via mobile collaboration using a smartphone appMTG-B1000"MTG-B1000XBD" that uses a carbon laminated bezel is now available.

  • MTG-B1000XBD

    M-TG that uses carbon bezel laminated bezel appears!

Carbon with the strength of super metal and lightness like a resin is a material suitable for MT-G. However, every time I interview about carbon-related items, what Casio's development team hears is that it is difficult to process because of its strength. Therefore, MTG-B1000XBD said that it succeeded in commercialization by improving the layered three-dimensional molding technology and cutting technology.

  • MTG-B1000XBD-1AJF

    MTG-B1000XBD-1AJF of red color

  • MTG-B1000XBD-1AJF

    Sheets that combine carbon woven materials and colored fiber woven materials are layered and layered in layers.

  • MTG-B1000XBD-1AJF

    High visibility middle size dial

  • MTG-B1000XB-1AJF

    Blue color MTG-B1000XB-1AJF

  • A display showing the processing process of carbon laminated bezel

The black IP finish case is lined up in two models: red MTG-B1000XBD-1AJF [135,000 yen] and blue MTG-B1000XB-1AJF [120,000 yen]. The former is a layer composite band that combines a metal band-like appearance with light weight and comfortable wearability, and the latter combines a soft urethane band that fits comfortably on the arm. Other functions and specificationsBase model "MTG-B1000"According to Released in October.

This is the realization of “CMF Design”! "MTG-B1000DCM"

Another model of interest from MT-G. Based on the layer composite band specification “MTG-B1000D”, this is the “MTG-B1000DCM-1AJR”, which applied laser engraving technology and challenged a novel exterior expression.

  • MTG-B1000DCM-1AJR


The finishing touches are black IP on the case and band, and laser engraving with three different dot patterns. In other words, by removing the IP with three different dot sizes, it adds shades and expresses a camouflage pattern reminiscent of a snake pattern [the same reason as printing dots].

  • MTG-B1000DCM-1AJR

    Unprecedented camouflage expression

  • MTG-B1000DCM-1AJR

    G-SHOCK logo is black! Needle and in-dial ring gold are also astringent

  • MTG-B1000DCM-1AJR

    Pay attention to the continuity of patterns across parts

  • MTG-B1000DCM-1AJR

    It is an epoch-making product that makes us expect the possibility of laser engraving in the future

  • MTG-B1000DCM-1AJR

    Light and shade are expressed with three kinds of dots. The smaller the dot [range to peel off the black IP], the closer it is to black

The white eyebrows are that this camouflage pattern is continuous across the parts. By the way, when used, the pattern is continuous with the buckle even if the layers of the layer composite band are packed. Other functions and specifications conform to the base model. The price is 145,000 yen, released in November.

G-STEEL “GST-B200” with carbon core guard structure, rose gold model

“GST-B200”, which uses G-SHOCK's new trend “carbon core guard structure”, has appeared in a different style from the conventional G-STEEL. "GST-B200G-2AJF" that uses rose gold for metal parts such as cases, indexes, crowns, and screws has appeared.

  • GST-B200G-2AJF


In addition to unprecedented luxury, the elements such as matte black bezel, reverse liquid crystal digital window, and thick urethane band emphasize the sporty impression. It is one that greatly expands the brand image of G-STEEL. Other functions and specifications conform to the base model [GST-B200]. The price is 51,000 yen and will be released in October.

The motif is "African leopard"! "LOVE THE SEA AND THE EARTH" collaboration model

Under the theme of “LOVE THE SEA AND THE EARTH”, G-SHOCK and BABY-G support their activities in collaboration with various environmental protection groups. This time, we will think about wildlife conservation in Africa and people's lives, and support activities by resonating with the activities of the certified NPO “WILDLIFE PROMISSING” aiming for symbiosis.

The design motif for this collaboration model is the African leopard. It is a typical wildlife in Africa and breeds extensively, but its number is decreasing due to being hunted. It is a research subject of WILDLIFE PROMISSING, and can be said to be a symbolic symbol when considering the coexistence of humans and wild animals.

  • G-SHOCK "LOVE THE SEA AND THE EARTH collaboration model"

    This LOVE THE SEA AND THE EARTH collaboration model is a popular leopard print

These three models were born with the intention to continue to have awareness of the problem. The base is MADMASTER's big hit from G-SHOCKGWG-1000"GST-W310" is popular for its downsized case from G-STEEL, and "MSG-W200" is also popular as a pair watch with G-STEEL from G-MS. A leopard pattern [leopard pattern] is designed on dials, bezels, bands, etc. [depending on the model], and a gold IP is applied to the SS part of the case. Each model is engraved with “LOVE THE SEA AND THE EARTH” on the back cover and comes with a special box. Other functions and specifications conform to each base model.

  • GWG-1000WLP-1AJR


  • GST-W310WLP-1A9JR


  • MSG-W200WLP-5AJR


The price is 85,000 yen for GGW-1000WLP-1AJR, 51,000 yen for GST-W310WLP-1A9JR, and 33,000 yen for MSG-W200WLP-5AJR. Released in November.


    As an aside, a new model is casually added to the premium line “MR-G”!

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