Casio Fall / Winter 2019 Watch New Product Presentation “G-SHOCK New Color”

Casio Fall / Winter 2019 New watch launch theme is “advanced technology, original CMF design-Color.Material.Finish.” CMF design refers to colors [colors], materials [materials], and finishes [finishes] written in English letters. Let's introduce the new color items of interest from the new shock-resistant watch “G-SHOCK” [click to enlarge all the photos shown. All release months are planned, prices are tax-excluded].

Casio Fall / Winter 2019 Watch New Product Presentation
Carbon metal
New color

    G-SHOCK corner

"Black and Red Series" with new classic models

Introducing the Black and Red Series, wearing a combination of black and red, the image color of G-SHOCK. Line up 5 models.

  • AWG-M100SAR-1AJF, GW-B5600AR-1JF, GAW-100AR-1AJF

    From the left, AWG-M100SAR-1AJF, GW-B5600AR-1JF, GAW-100AR-1AJF

  • GA-700AR-1AJF, GA-140AR-1AJF

    GA-700AR-1AJF [left] and GA-140AR-1AJF [right]

"GW-B5600AR-1JF" [21,000 yen] equipped with a design that talks about the origin bloodline, mobile link function via Bluetooth, radio solar, and "AWG-M100SAR-1AJF" [2] 4,000 yen], radio solar “GAW-100AR-1AJF” [25,000 yen] with a black stainless steel bezel, three-dimensional hour and minute hands, front buttons and other basic models that insist on toughness “GA-700AR- "1AJF" [16,500 yen], new analog digital combination model "GA-140AR-1AJF".

This color on this face. It is a symbolic series as if introducing a new core member of G-SHOCK. Released in October.

Reprint the color of "X'mas PREMIUM"! "Throwback 1990s"

There was once a winter-limited series called “G-SHOCK Winter Premium” that was released in the 90s. Among them, "Throwback 1990s" is a new tribute to the color reproduction of "X'mas PREMIUM", which is a red and green bezel color-filled character.

Only DW-5900, which was also present in Winter Premium at the time, was reprinted in recent years, DW-5700, and GA-2100, which uses the latest carbon core guard structure and has a retro design. A total of 5 models are available. According to the words “Throwback”, they are all non-radio solar basic models.

  • GA-2100TH-1AJF


  • GA-2100TH-1AJF, DW-5700TH-1JF, BABY-G BGD-570TH-1JF

    From the left, GA-2100TH-1AJF, DW-5700TH-1JF, BABY-G BGD-570TH-1JF

  • DW-5700TH-1JF, BGD-570TH-1JF, DW-5900TH-1JF

    From left, DW-5700TH-1JF, BGD-570TH-1JF, DW-5900TH-1JF

  • DW-5600THC-1JF

    DW-5600THC-1JF. This model only cross band specification

The price is 12,000 yen for DW-5900TH-1JF, 13,500 yen for DW-5600THC-1JF, 14,500 yen for GA-2100TH-1AJF, and 1 for DW-5700TH-1JF. 10,000 yen. BABY-G's "BGD-570TH-1JF", which is paired with this, is 10,500 yen.

DW-5600THC and DW-5700TH have a “SHOCK RESIST” mark when the backlight is lit, and BGD-570TH has a “G” mark that was used in BABY-G in the 90s. Released in November.

I want to wear them in pairs! "Throwback 1990s" BABY-G 35th anniversary color

5 models wearing the BABY-G 35th Anniversary color are also introduced based on the concept of “Throwback 1990s”. The lineup includes the square case model “DW-5600THB-7JF” [12,000 yen] and “BGD-560THB-7JF” [1500 yen], and the oval case model “DW-5700THB-7JF” [12,000 yen]. Yen] and “BGD-570THB-7JF” [10,500 Yen], etc., and the structure is conscious of G-SHOCK and BABY-G pairs. “GA-2100THB-7JF” [14,500 yen] is probably supposed to be worn as unisex.

  • DW-5700THB-7JF, BGD-570THB-7JF

    DW-5700THB-7JF [left] and BGD-570THB-7JF [right]

  • BGD-560THB-7JF, DW-5600THB-7J

    BGD-560THB-7JF [left] and DW-5600THB-7J [right]

  • GA-2100THB-7JF


Because the color concept and design are clear, pairs such as DW-5600 × BGD-570 and GA-2100 × BGD-560 are also sufficient. In addition, considering the fact that the upper and lower colors of the band differ depending on the case shape, the enjoyment of the combination will expand further. Released in November.

  • DW-5600THS

    In the Throwback 1990s series, models with the sporty fashion of the 90s as a motif also appeared. “DW-5600THS” in the photo comes with a crossband for replacement. Released in November for 15,500 yen

"G-SQUAD" is ideal for jogging and walking in the early morning and evening

In the coming season, when sunshine hours are shorter, jogging and walking in the early morning and evening increase the risk of traffic accidents. Of course, you should consider wearing bright-colored clothing that is easy to see from bicycles, motorcycles, cars, etc. But if the watch you wear can also contribute to safety, you should choose it.

Focusing on such user needs, a model equipped with a reflector in the band has appeared. The base model is the G-SHOCK sports model "G-SQUAD", the analog combination model "GBA800" and the digital face "GBD-800" that can display a lot of information at the same time.

  • GBA-800LU-1AJF, GBA-800LU-1A1JF

    GBA-800LU-1AJF [left], GBA-800LU-1A1JF [right]

  • GBD-800LU-9JF, GBD-800LU-1JF

    GBD-800LU-9JF [left], GBD-800LU-1JF [right]

In addition to a pedometer using a 3-axis accelerometer and a full stopwatch timer function, the mobile link function via Bluetooth is also included. Along with accurate time acquisition, setting, logging, calorie calculation, etc. can be easily performed in conjunction with the app “G-SHOCK Connected”. The power source is not solar but battery type.

The price is 17,500 yen for "GBA-800LU-1A1JF" and "GBA-800LU-1AJF", and 14,500 yen for "GBD-800LU-1JF" and "GBD-800LU-9JF". The reflector part is a phosphorescent material only for GBA-800LU-1A1JF. Released in November.

The motif is “Okapi”! "LOVE THE SEA AND THE EARTH" collaboration model

Under the theme of “LOVE THE SEA AND THE EARTH”, G-SHOCK and BABY-G support their activities in collaboration with various environmental protection groups. The collaboration between the international environmental protection NGOs “EARTHWATCH” and “GW-9400” [Rangeman] is “Okapi”. Okapi is hard to observe because of its vigilance, and its detailed ecology is unknown. However, the number is decreasing and may be targeted for poaching.

  • GW-9405KJ-5JR


"GW-9405KJ-5JR" is an image of Okapi with brown case and zebra pattern on the band. When the light is on, the EARTHWATCH mark appears, and the band has a slogan "Change The World. Yourself." The back lid is engraved with LOVE THE SEA AND THE EARTH and comes with a zebra-printed box. Other functions and specifications conform to each base model. The price is 56,000 yen and will be released in November.

  • GW-9405KJ-5JR

    Case and band design reminiscent of Okapi

  • GW-9405KJ-5JR

    Zebra-patterned box inspired by Okapi's extremities

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