Casio Fall / Winter 2019 Watch New Product Presentation, “OCEANUS”

Casio Fall / Winter 2019 New watch launch theme is “advanced technology, original CMF design-Color.Material.Finish.” It is no exaggeration to say that it was OCEANUS that was most closely related to this theme this time.

This is because the evolution of CMF design has stepped into such an area where the foundation of the brand image is affected. CMF design means color, material, material, and finish. Click on the photos below to enlarge them. All release months are planned and prices are tax excluded.

Casio Fall / Winter 2019 Watch New Product Presentation
Carbon metal
New color

    Installation at the hall entrance. This time I recommend two of these

  • Mr. Toru Horiguchi

    OCEANUS corner. A photograph of Toru Horiguchi, Hideki Mizushi, a craftsman of Kiriko Horiguchi

  • OCEANUS, Space Brothers

    Space brothers collaboration model and 15th anniversary model exhibition corner

  • OCEANUS, Space Brothers

    Space suit display that excites the atmosphere

Manta “OCW-S5000D” that extends the value of OCEANUS beyond the blue world

“Oceanus Blue”. It is an identity that can be said to be fundamental to OCEANUS. The blue clock is OCEANUS, and it is often chosen at stores because of the fact that this blue is beautiful. However, the established personality can also have the aspect of fixing images. Therefore, the products announced this time are boldly working on an expression that opens a new door to OCEANUS. The most iconic model is OCEANUS Manta, the premium lineOCW-S5000D-AJF" It is a limited edition of 2,000 limited edition worldwide.

  • OCW-S5000D-AJF


The thin case of only 9.3mm and its light wearing comfort are popular.OCW-S5000Based on "OCW-S4000D"Edo Kiriko's sapphire glass bezel, which was well-received by the company. The production and supervision will be carried out by Toru Horiguchi, Hideki Mitsugi, the craftsman of Kiriko Horiguchi.

This time, the traditional pattern “Sensuji” was carved vertically and horizontally to express an urban city where people and roads intersect. The cutting line was silver-deposited to make the sharpness and three-dimensionality stand out.

What should be noted is that, as the name suggests, a dark blue color, that is, a warm color, was adopted as the image color. This pattern was named by Mr. Horiguchi as “Shinji Koji”. By the way, vapor deposition is used for this amber color. The image is based on the sunset in the city and is also used for in-dial.

  • OCW-S5000D-AJF

    The gold is full of premium

  • OCW-S5000D-AJF

    The glass of Edo Kiriko, the source of the idea

I would like to pay attention to the method of “Oceanus Blue x color that represents the individuality of the model”, as it will probably have more opportunities to see [especially with limited models] in the future. Other specifications conform to the base model. The price is 230,000 yen, released in October.

  • Edo Kiriko

    Edo Kiriko cufflinks. The impression changes with the cutting technique

  • Edo Kiriko

    Work by Toru Horiguchi who creates a cool impression with complicated cutting

Another variation of the OCW-S5000D is the “OCW-S5000DS-1AJR”, which is a black sapphire glass bezel with Edo Kiriko cutting.

  • OCW-S5000DS-1AJR


The pattern carved by Hidetoshi Mizushi and Toru Horiguchi is “Kurogise Mange”. There are two types of patterns that combine a wide groove [like a carved sword] and a sharp groove [like a carved sword]. They were placed on the diagonal of the bezel at 1 o'clock, 2 o'clock and 7 o'clock, 8 o'clock, 4 o'clock, 5 o'clock and 10 o'clock, 11 o'clock respectively.

  • OCW-S5000DS-1AJR

    A black coat Wanka engraved on the bezel

  • OCW-S5000DS-1AJR

    Oceanus Blue is the logo mark only

  • OCW-S5000DS-1AJR

    Because the color is simple, the impression changes greatly depending on the color of the lighting

  • OCW-S5000DS-1AJR

    City code inside the bezel

Oceanus Blue is the logo mark only. The claims of black bezel, white butterfly shell of in-dial, and red second hand are strong. It can be said that there has never been a fantastic atmosphere in Japan that has entered the world of sumi-e painting. Although there is one aspect that can be done because it is a rare model limited to 300 in the world, it is one that strongly feels the will to present a new world view of OCEANUS. Other specifications conform to the base model OCW-S5000. The price is 260,000 yen, released in October.

  • OCW-S5000DS-1AJR

    The dial looks black and brown

  • OCW-S5000DS-1AJR

    OCEANUS is a model that advocates a new world view

GPS radio solar model collaborates with manga "Space Brothers"! "OCW-G2000SB"

Bluetooth-equipped GPS radio solar modelOCW-G2000", A new model appears. It is “OCW-G2000-2AJR” that collaborates with TV anime and live-action manga “Space Brothers”. The author, Mr. Chuya Koyama, cooperated in full and became a model that greatly differs from the previous OCEANUS image. However, its value is not limited to the top topic of tie-up with mere popular works, but the theme of “the longing for space and technological development” that is common to both is the core.

  • Space Brothers, OCEANUS, OCW-G2000SB


Therefore, there is no double name for dials that are often found in collaboration watches [the back cover is engraved]. It's a sporty luxury watch that can be used for both casual and business purposes.

At the same time, based on Oceanus Blue, the entire color is compiled with tricolors reminiscent of Rokuta and people's space suits, and the dial is designed with an earth that receives radio waves from GPS satellites. In addition, this Earth is actually a quote from the logo of the operation "FMTE" [From the Moon To the Earth] that appears in the work, and the universe brother fans unintentionally cheeks The essence of loosening is fully scattered. These drops are really good.

  • Space Brothers, OCEANUS, OCW-G2000SB

    Dial that represents the earth as seen from the moon

  • Space Brothers, OCEANUS, OCW-G2000SB

    The red seen everywhere emphasizes the sporty impression

A special box with an illustration of the earth seen from the moon, drawn by Mr. Koyama according to the dial design, is included. Other specifications conform to the base model. The price is 250,000 yen and will be released in October. 700 limited worldwide.

Classic line OCEANUS 15th Anniversary Model "OCW-T3000C"

A simple and sporty series “Classic Line” that condenses OCEANUS manners and essence while condensing functions that are considered necessary, such as mobile links, radio solar, and dual world time. Based on the popular "OCW-T3000", a representative model, OCEANUS's 15th anniversary model "OCW-T3000C-2AJF" has appeared.

  • OCW-T3000C-2AJF


  • OCW-T3000C-2AJF

    Presence that is asserted but has no dislike

What attracts attention is the bezel using the newly developed gradation IP. The color that changes steplessly from gold to violet and blue represents the sky that changes over time. The dial is also decorated with blue and violet gradations, and the rose gold index adds the gorgeousness of a memorial model. The red second hand is well balanced.

  • OCW-T3000C-2AJF

    Dial with gradation IP

  • OCW-T3000C-2AJF

    Gold IP for smart access crown

If you write in letters, you will get a flashy impression, but when you look at the real thing, it's not that much, and an impression that insists on a casual presence. I would like to pay attention to this gradation IP as a coloring technology with potential. For example, it seems to be compatible with ladies' watches.

Other specifications conform to the base model. The price is 120,000 yen and will be released in November. 700 limited worldwide.

  • OCW-T3000C-2AJF

    Unique color stands out because of the simple model

  • OCW-T3000C-2AJF

    A beautiful gradation of gold, violet and blue

  • OCW-T3000C-2AJF

    OCEANUS's 15th anniversary, milestone-like models that talk about history

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