Casio Fall / Winter 2019 Watch New Product Presentation “PRO TREK”

Casio Fall / Winter 2019 New watch launch theme is “advanced technology, original CMF design-Color.Material.Finish.” The evolution of CMF design at PRO TREK is mainly the band. It is a new attraction that expands the utility and convenience of outdoor watches, such as interchangeable models, functional materials, and carabiners. Click on the photos to enlarge. All release months are planned and prices are tax excluded.

Casio Fall / Winter 2019 Watch New Product Presentation
Carbon metal
New color

    PRO TREK exhibition corner


    The highest line “MANASLU” supervised by professional angler Toshinari Namiki [left] and professional alpinist Hirotake Takeuchi [right] was also on display.

Climber Line field composite model "PRW-50FC"

Downsized while equipped with the aged triple sensor Ver.3, radio wave solar that maintains accurate time display without conscious operation, neon illuminator that illuminates the dial even in the dark, easy-to-see STN liquid crystal etc. Popular Climber Line "PRW-50" A variation model based on this "PRW-50FC-1JF" will appear.

  • PRW-50FC-1JF


Case, dial and band are all black. On the contrary, it improves the visibility of indexes and minute markers. The SS [stainless steel] bezel and back lid are reinforced with black IP to increase wear resistance. The windshield is sapphire glass with an anti-reflective coating on the inside.

The band is a field composite band that combines the strength of metal with the ease of wearing resin. It is easy to wear even in the business field because it combines a urethane with fine metal inserts and a fine resin connecting piece, and its appearance is similar to a metal band. Other specifications conform to the base model. The price is 74,000 yen and will be released in October.

  • PRW-50FC-1JF

    The texture of metal parts such as bezel crowns is also attractive

  • PRW-50FC-1JF

    In the field composite band, the metal frame is inserted in this way

Carabiner set as standard! "PRW-50YAE"

A new variation of the “PRW-50” is the “PRW-50YAE-2JR” that includes a replacement Durasoft band that does not harden even at low temperatures, and a replacement carabiner attachment. These bands are detachable from the main body with a slide lever that can be easily replaced without using tools.

By using the carabiner attachment, you can attach the PRW-50YAE to a zack or harness, and use the watch function even in scenes where you do not want to be disturbed by wrist movements such as rock climbing. In addition, since the hook is made of engineering plastic, it is easy to use in terms of strength and weight. It is one that expands the field of PRO TREK activity.

  • PRW-50YAE-2JR


  • PRW-50YAE-2JR

    Attached carabiner attachment

  • PRW-50YAE-2JR

    Standard Dura Soft Band. You can see the slide switch on the left side of the lower band

The combination of white dial, blue Arabic index and orange in-dial needle is unique as PRO TREK and has high visibility. Other specifications conform to the base model. The price is 57,000 yen and will be released in October.

"PRW-60YBM" adopting the latest "deodorization technology" for the band

Also on the Climber Line, the bar index and bold hour and minute hands produce a face that looks like PRO TREK.PRW-60" Based on this, "PRW-60YBM-1AJF" with a textile band equipped with a deodorizing function that suppresses the smell of sweat and sebum has appeared.

  • PRW-60YBM-1AJF


This band uses a functional design wear brand “MXP” that incorporates “Maxi Fresh”, a deodorant material developed to reduce the weight of luggage when climbing. This improves sweat-absorbing quick-drying and further suppresses the growth of germs that cause odors. It is said that the band can be used repeatedly without being deteriorated by washing it with water.

  • PRW-60YBM-1AJF

    Description of MXP Functional explanation

The woven pattern is a herringbone often seen in autumn and winter jackets and outdoor equipment. The whole body in black and white monotone is eye-catching because it is simple. It will be easy to match sportswear as well as autumn / winter fashion. The windshield is sapphire glass with an anti-reflective coating on the inside. Other specifications are the same as the base model. The price is 55,000 yen and will be released in October.

  • PRW-60YBM-1AJF

    Monotone design with simplicity and insistence

MXP's carabiner attachment “BANDPT01C-1JR” with deodorant function and silicon band [Durasoft band] “BANDPT01P-1JR” will be released as options. Both are priced at 3,500 yen and will be released in November. The target models are the PRX-50 and PRX-60, and the PRT-B50 series, which have a slide lever type band exchange system. It is a nice development as an item to stick to fashion as well as replacement of used parts.

  • PRW-60YBM-1AJF

    Silicon band [BANDPT01P-1JR] sold separately

  • PRW-60YBM-1AJF

    Carabiner attachment with optional deodorizing function [BANDPT01C-1JR]

Stealth Black ELNEST CREATIV ACTIVITY collaboration model "PRW-60ECA"

From Climber Line "PRW-60", collaborated with ELNEST CREATIV ACTIVITY, a wear brand directed by Shin Iura who is also active as an actor.PRW-60ECA-1AJR"Appeared. The ELNEST concept, which combines functionality and design, advocates activity wear that connects nature and the city, is strongly reflected.

The face is not only dials and indexes, but also hands, PRO TREK logo, CASIO logo, and ELNEST logo in black, so-called "stealth specification". The Durasoft band is also designed with the image of the silence of nature, such as dark forest green.

  • PRW-60ECA-1AJR


  • PRW-60ECA-1AJR

    Stealth design watch face

  • PRW-60ECA-1AJR

    The standard Dura Soft Band has a white phosphorescent material on the back

A textile band using ELNEST's original BOOKTREE camo pattern is included as a replacement band. Inspired by beech forests and plants in the Shirakami Mountains, a world natural heritage site, the rough jacquard weave symbolizes those who powerfully open the way. Of course, the band can be easily changed with the slide lever type. This BOOKTREE duck special box is included. The price is 62,000 yen, released in October.

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