Casio Fall / Winter 2019 Watch New Product Presentation “SHEEN”

Casio Fall / Winter 2019 New watch launch theme is “advanced technology, original CMF design-Color.Material.Finish.” The last of the new models is the new metal analog ladies watch “SHEEN”. The new work to be introduced sets Swarovski crystals on all models. It is a collection that makes you feel happy moments in your everyday life. Click on the photos to enlarge. All release months are planned and prices are tax excluded.

Casio Fall / Winter 2019 Watch New Product Presentation
Carbon metal
New color
  • SHEEN exhibition corner

A radio clock model with a cute 9 o'clock position "SHW-5200"

The theme of SHEEN's new “SHW-5200” is “Natural Garden”. A small flower image is scattered on the dial, and Swarovski crystals are set on the leaf at 9 o'clock. Combined with indexes such as fine leaves swaying in the wind, it creates a gentle atmosphere in which the flowers flutter gently.

  • SHW-5200DSG-7AJF [right] and SHW-5200CG-7AJF [left]

Equipped with radio clocks for Japan and China and tough solar. The case and band are made of SS [stainless steel], and the case size is 31.5mm x 25.6mm x 7.8mm. The windshield is sapphire glass with an anti-reflective coating on the inside and is waterproof to 10 atmospheres. The band does not require tools and adopts a fine adjustment bracelet that can adjust the band length up to 3.8mm.

The color is available in two models. Bicolor "SHW-5200DSG-7AJF" [39,000 yen] combining silver and Casio's original peach gold, and "SHW-5200CG-7AJF" [43,000 yen] with peach gold IP on the case and band ] Is lined up. Released in November.

"SHS-D300" that creates a cool look for women with a neutral impression

A roman slim index only at 12 o'clock, a clever alpha hour and minute hand arranged on a clean dial with no decoration. And Swarovski crystal shining at 7 o'clock. These designs aren't adorable but somehow gorgeous. Even if there is no claim, the will is strong. From the soft back, the dazzlingness looks out–the appeal of such women seems to overlap.

  • SHS-D300M-7AJF [right] and SHS-D300PGM-4AJF [left]

  • SHS-D300CGL-7AJF [right] and SHS-D300CGL-7BJF [left]

From a practical standpoint, it can be said that it is easy to match with any fashion, but its simplicity is an infinite possibility, and it can be said that it has the potential to bring out a new appeal of users by using it well.

Especially for the band, whether you choose a stylish chain-like Milanese model or a classic calf strap model, the impression changes greatly. When to meet a friend? How to match your favorite blouson or shoes? …… And, the more you think about wearing scenes and coordination, the more the image is stimulated. In fact, it is also a very profound design.

  • Milanese with a stylish and slightly retro atmosphere

  • The strap model depends on coordination, and it can be neat, cool, ornate.

You can rest assured that necessary functions such as solar drive, battery charging warning function, date display, etc. are firmly held. The case is made of SS and the case size is 36.5mm x 29.2mm x 8.1mm. The windshield is sapphire glass with an anti-reflective coating on the inside, and is waterproof to 5 atmospheres.

Deployed in a total of 4 models. Silver Case + Silver Milanese "SHS-D300M-7AJF" [22,000 yen], Pink Gold IP Case and Milanese "SHS-D300PGM-4AJF" [26,000 yen], Peach Gold IP Case + Black The lineup includes the “SHS-D300CGL-7AJF” calf strap [22,000 yen], the peach gold IP case + “SHS-D300CGL-7BJF” white collar strap [22,000 yen]. All released in November.

“SHS-4502LTE” is attractive with a gradation dial and replacement band

Based on the solar-powered model “SHS-4502”, the “SHS-4502LTE-7AJR” featuring a pink-to-blue gradation dial appears. This faint transition is so cute. Moreover, a cross pattern reflecting the blink of light is placed on the layer above it [only at the center of the dial], and this effect makes the impression even softer and more cute. And at 9 o'clock … Yes, it ’s a brilliant Swarovski crystal.

  • SHS-4502LTE-7AJR

What's even better is that in addition to the standard SS band, a replacement genuine leather strap is included. The strap is pale pink. Since it is a slide switch type, it can be easily replaced depending on your mood. By the way, the case and band color is silver. Other specifications are the same as the base model. The price is 33,000 yen and will be released in October.

  • Attached genuine leather strap

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