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This time, the watch corner of Yodobashi Camera Multimedia Akiba is looking for the “OCEANUS” series of Casio computers. There are many people who wear suits in a more formal position than G-SHOCK, and many people gather in the store's exclusive store, especially business people in their 20s and 40s.

The watch / sports team Yasuhiro Kashima group leader said, “A design based on blue called“ Oceanus Blue ”is preferred by both men and women. Recently, it is not uncommon for women to wear larger watches, and support has expanded. I have the impression that it is. "

  • Yodobashi Camera Multimedia Akiba corner on the 3rd floor. Mr. Yasuhiro Kajima navigated

Three points were given for selecting OCEANUS at the sales floor. Let's take a look at the top 5 best-selling items based on the following:

  • The price range of OCEANUS ranges from 30,000 to 40,000 yen to over 200,000 yen. Hot selling tends to gather around 100,000 yen.
  • Try it on at the store. There are many parts of a wristwatch, such as texture, thickness, and expression of light, which cannot be understood without actually wearing it.
  • Even during the New Year's season, it is relatively empty from morning to noon. It ’s better to try on a suit.

* The prices listed in the text and photos are as of 13:00 on December 9, 2019. Since it fluctuates from day to day, take a look at the reference level.

First place: “OCW-T2600-1AJF”, a popular item for its lightness and ease of purchase

The top sellers can receive standard radio waves from six stations around the world.OCW-T2600-1AJF"is. The price including tax is 77,000 yen, which is relatively easy to buy within the brand, but it is said that it is preferred to use a titanium band.

“Titanium is lighter than stainless steel, so many people like it because it can be easily attached to metal bands. Especially, it is an impression that is supported by young business people in their 20s and 30s. The design is also refined like OCEANUS. , It is a representative model of the brand. "

  • “ OCW-T2600-1AJF ''

Second place: "OCW-T3000C-2AJF", a series of people who are drowning in gradation IP processing

In the second place, the 1,000 limited edition model commemorating the 15th anniversary of the brand “OCW-T3000C-2AJFWas ranked in. Gradient IP processing is applied to the bezel, and a unique design that changes color from gold to purple to blue in a stepless manner by reflection of light is attracting attention. The solar wave and titanium band are the same as OCW-T2600-1AJF. The price including tax is 105,600 yen.

“It's easy to match with suits and can express personality well, so it is attracting attention mainly by young people. As a limited model, I think that it is also becoming more popular because it is easy to buy.”

  • “ OCW-T3000C-2AJF ''

3rd place: "OCW-S5000E-1AJF" where slimness of 9.5mm thickness is supported

The third place has many fans in their 30s and 50s.OCW-S5000E-1AJFEntered. The biggest feature is that 9.5mm thickness which is the thinnest in the history of the brand is realized. The point is that in addition to solar radio waves, it has a time adjustment function using a smartphone link using Bluetooth. The price including tax is 138,600 yen.

“It looks like OCEANUS and has a thin and light finish. Many people love it because it is hard to get caught in shirt sleeves. This is also a titanium band, and lightness is also preferred.”

  • “ OCW-S5000E-1AJF ''

4th place: “OCW-T200S-2AJF”, a popular gift for adults

The fourth place is a low price range within the brand “OCW-T200S-2AJF"is. The price including tax is 45,360 yen. It has a simple design with a light blue text version and a stainless steel metal band. In addition to solar radio waves, it is possible to adjust the time of smartphone linkage via Bluetooth.

“It's an introductory brand. Many people choose it for themselves because it ’s easy to see the dial, but it ’s also popular as a gift because it ’s designed to suit your taste. The demand for presents is great. "

  • “ OCW-T200S-2AJF ''

5th place: Space Brothers collaboration limited edition “OCW-G2000SB-2AJR”

5th placeOCW-G2000SB-2AJRIs a limited edition model of 700 pieces in collaboration with the comic "Space Brothers" by Chuya Koyama. The character version adopts gradation evaporation that changes from blue to purple, and features the design of the earth drawn by Koyama. In addition to solar radio and Bluetooth linkage, it also supports GPS time adjustment. The price including tax is 275,000 yen.

“Currently the most expensive OCEANUS model in the store, but it sells well because it is in the midst of the bonus season. There is a lot of impression that has gained wide support. ''

  • “ OCW-G2000SB-2AJR ''

Extrusion information … "OCW-G2000RA-1AJF" selected with emphasis on multiple functions

For those who choose OCEANUS with an emphasis on functionality, even though they are out of the top five,OCW-G2000RA-1AJFIs also very popular. Like OCW-G2000SB-2AJR, it is equipped with solar radio, Bluetooth and GPS functions, and has a chic design with a dark dial and blue bezel. The price including tax is 172,810 yen.

“This model is preferred by those who want to have a higher-grade OCEANUS. Many people choose this brand not only for its design but also for its functionality. I will"

  • "OCW-G2000RA-1AJF"

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