Casio “PRO TREK” × “ELNEST”, an outdoor watch with deep greenery

Casio Computer's outdoor watch “PRO TREK” and wear brand “ELNEST CREATIVE ACTIVITY” collaboration model “PRW-60ECA-1AJR” will appear. Released on October 5th, the tax-excluded price is 62,000 yen.

  • PRW-60ECA-1AJR
  • PRW-60ECA-1AJR
  • PRW-60ECA-1AJR

ELNEST CREATIVE ACTIVITY is a brand directed by Shin Iura who is active as a fashion model, fashion designer and actor. We are working on items that are particular about domestic production and manufacturing for inheriting traditional crafts.

  • Mr. Arata Iura, PRW-60ECA-1AJR

    Mr. Arata Iura

  • PRW-60ECA-1AJR

    ELNEST logo on the band

This collaboration model was realized by ELNEST's offer that ELNEST sympathized with the “simple and solid worldview that PRO TREK embodies”. The base modelPRW-60"It is a popular model with a small size while having high functions such as a combination of analog hands and digital display, solar radio clock, and direction, barometric pressure, altitude and temperature measurement.

There are many points unique to collaboration. First of all, the dial has a black-out dial that reflects the silence of nature, and the design allows the necessary information to be easily seen.

The index ring and the Durasoft band, which is easy to wear, use a deep green [forest green] reminiscent of forests. In addition, a special phosphorescent material is integrally formed on the back of the Durasoft band, and the side of the band emits a slight light in the dark. These express the modernism of ELNEST.

  • PRW-60ECA-1AJR


In addition, a replacement band of cloth material is included. The original camouflage pattern “BOOKTREECAMO”, which is a typical ELNEST design, is used to express the design of beech forests and plants in the Shirakami Mountains with rough jacquard weave.

  • PRW-60ECA-1AJR

    Image of wearing replacement band

  • Main specifications of the base model "PRW-60" [Click to view all]

  • PRW-60ECA-1AJR

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