Casio Spring / Summer 2020 Watch New Product Presentation “Iluji & BABY-G”

Casio Spring / Summer 2020 watch new product launch report. This time, I will send "Iluji" and "BABY-G". Spring-summer traditions, dolphin whale models, and summer-conscious refreshing and pop new BABY-G are also packed with highlights this year. Spring-summer is the season when BABY-G is fine.

Casio Spring / Summer 2020 watch new product launch
Sports model
New color

All posted photos are enlarged by clicking. Price includes tax and all release months are planned. This time, please note that there may be changes to the launch due to the new coronavirus infection.

This year's dolphin whale model is killer whale theme "LOVE THE SEA AND THE EARTH"

  • G-SHOCK BABY-G Irkuji GW-M5610K-1JR BGA-2700K-1AJR

    This year's dolphin whale model, the theme is killer whale!

The headline is confusing, but to be more precise, under the slogan "LOVE THE SEA AND THE EARTH", the "International Dolphin Whale Education Research Center" [I-Search Japan] and Casio, which supports its activities, started in the 1990s. A collaboration model [commonly known as G-SHOCK BABY-G dolphin whale model] that has been released since. Orka [killer whale] as the theme of the spring / summer 2020 model.

The black and white G-SHOCK and BABY-G, designed in the iconic colors of killer whales, image a killer whale family that is said to have a strong love for families. It expresses the tight connection between the wearers.

  • G-SHOCK BABY-G Irkuji GW-M5610K-1JR

    GW-M5610K-1JR [G-SHOCK]

  • G-SHOCK BABY-G Irkuji BGA-2700K-1AJR

    BGA-2700K-1AJR [BABY-G]

The base model of G-SHOCK "GW-M5610K-1JR" is a square model "GW-M5610" equipped with a tough solar and radio clock. The base of the BABY-G "BGA-2700K-1AJR" is the new model "BGA-2700" announced this time. This also has a tough solar and radio clock. The price is 25,300 yen for GW-M5610K-1JR and 24,700 yen for BGA-2700K-1AJR. Released in June.

  • G-SHOCK BABY-G Irkuji GW-M5610K-1JR

    GW-M5610K-1JR free ring

  • G-SHOCK BABY-G Irkuji BGA-2700K-1AJR

    Free ring of BGA-2700K-1AJR

The play of the G-SHOCK [GW-M5610K-1JR] is engraved with a silhouette of a bleaching humpback whale, and an illustration of an orca that spies hops [appears from the water] when the backlight is on. The jumping dolphin silhouette is engraved on the ring of BABY-G [BGA-2700K-1AJR].

Both models print the letters "I.C.E.R.C" [International Cetacean Education Research Center] "ALL AS ONE" and the orca pattern. Set in a special package with Orca graphics. Other specifications are the same as the base model.

"LOVE THE SEA AND THE EARTH" Aqua Planet Collaboration Model

The non-profit organization Aqua Planet, which is headed by actress Ritsuko Tanaka and carries out coral reef conservation activities, and Casio supports it. The collaboration model to be released this time is LOVE THE SEA AND THE EARTH "BGA-270AQ-2AJR".



The base model is a new "BGA-270" developed with the image of use in the beach scene. Indeed, it is a perfect model for collaboration with Aqua Planet. The blue skeleton bezel and band represent the sea where the corals live, and the colors of "Living Coral", which is based on the image of corals that live strongly in the coral, are arranged throughout.

The band features the AQUAPLANET logo, the words LOVE THE SEA AND THE EARTH, and a coral illustration on the ring. The package illustration is also a special specification inspired by the coral sea. Other specifications are the same as the base model. The price is 15,950 yen and is released in June.

"5252 by o! Oi" collaboration model

“BGD-560SC-7JR”, a collaboration model with the iconic Korean brand “5252 by o! Oi [Gorney Goney by Oioioai]” with an pop design, has appeared.

  • 5252 by o! Oi collaboration model, BGD-560SC-7JR


The base model is the BABY-G first reprint model "BGD-501" with a protector. Based on the white skeleton band that seems to be BABY-G, it has a sporty tricolor color with a vivid blue dial and a vivid red protector.

  • 5252 by o! Oi collaboration model, BGD-560SC-7JR

    Skeleton model with nostalgic bumper!

  • 5252 by o! Oi collaboration model, BGD-560SC-7JR

    The box is also a special specification with "5252 by o! Oi" logo

Boldly printed "5252 by o! Oi" signature logo on the entire band. The logo is also engraved on the case back. Like watches, it comes with a special box in blue, red and white tricolor. The price is 12,650 yen and is released in March.

G-MS is going to be a more calm BABY-G

According to Casio, BABY-G has a brighter, more vibrant color this time. With this, the company is also expecting a distinctive character from the sub-brand G-MS [G-Miz], which combines resin and metal materials to create a sense of luxury. In other words, G-MS is clearly positioned as a “calmer BABY-G”.

By the way, a new color appears in such G-MS flagship "MSG-W300". In addition to Tough Solar, a radio clock that supports standard radio waves in Japan and China, an index with a motif of studs and a multifaceted cut, and a band of sand color that suits the summer sky and sea. Equipped with convenient date display. The band is made of soft embossed resin for easy care. It can be worn cleanly and comfortably in the sweaty summer.

  • BABY-G G-MS MSG-W300-7AJF, MSG-W300-7AJF, MSG-W300-7AJF

    From left MSG-W300-7AJF, MSG-W300-7AJF, MSG-W300-7AJF

The case size is 38.0mm x 34.4mm x 10.8mm, and 10 ATM water resistant. Silver case + white band "MSG-W300-7AJF" [33,000 yen], brown gold case [IP processing] + light brown band "MSG-W300-7AJF" [35,200 yen], yellow gold case [IP processing] + Available in three models, the beige band "MSG-W300-7AJF" [35,200 yen]. Released in May.

Adult casual G-MS "MSG-S500"

The MSG-S500, which has a more mannish and adult casual design, such as changing the index to a bar style and adopting a simple resin band while keeping the silhouette of the WSG-300 introduced above as it is, has appeared. It has convenient solar power generation and date display, but does not have a radio clock function.

  • MSG-S500G-2AJF


  • MSG-S500G-7AJF


Available in gold model [IP processing] + navy band "MSG-S500G-2AJF" and pink gold case [IP processing] + white band "MSG-S500G-7AJF". The price will be released in May for 28,600 yen each.

Advanced BABY-G "BGA-2700" adopting "two body bezel structure"

The new model "BGA-2700", which was also based on this BABY-G illusion model, adopts a "two-body bezel structure" in which the bezel and case are separate parts. This feature is also seen in the new models [including G-SHOCK]. The combination of textures and colors of the bezel and the case is abundant, and the possibility of expression is overwhelmingly increased.

In the past, CMF [Color, Material, Finish / color, material, finish] was devised based on the specifications of existing models, but now the era of designing watch structures on the premise of easy CMF development I'm saying that. This is also one of the themes of this exhibition, "Next Evolution, New Challenges."

  • BABY-G BGA-2700-1AJF, BGA-2700-2AJF, BGA-2700-4AJF

    From left: BGA-2700-1AJF, BGA-2700-2AJF, BGA-2700-4AJF

Tough solar, radio wave clock for multi-band 6 and enhanced functions such as world time. Metallic paint is applied to the index to ensure a brilliant presence and time visibility.

The case size is 46.3mm x 42.2mm x 13.2mm and waterproof to 10 bar. All models are BGA-2700-1AJF with a cute accent color, navy bezel + black band "BGA-2700-2AJF", pink bezel + salmon pink band "BGA-2700-4AJF" Deployment. The price is 23,650 yen each and released in April.

"BA-110OPI" of popular ice cream flavors "Chocomint" and "Strawberry"

  • BABY-G BA-110OPI

    BA-110OPI which display was catchy

The BA-110 is a downsized version of the classic G-SHOCK "GA-110" and translated for ladies. Based on this, a lineup of two models inspired by popular flavors of ice cream.

Mint green "BA-110PI-2AJF" with chocolate mint ice motif and pink "BA-110PI-4AJF" with strawberry ice motif. With a casual fashion in spring, you will create a bright and colorful atmosphere at hand.

  • BABY-G BA-110PI-2AJF

    BA-110PI-2AJF [right]

  • BABY-G BA-110PI-4AJF

    BA-110PI-4AJF [left]

  • BABY-G BA-110OPI

    A perfect score for ice cream!

  • BABY-G BA-110OPI

    In the development stage, color arrangement, color adjustment, temperature adjustment, etc. are repeated many times

Mix chips with different melting temperatures into band and bezel. Originally, the technology department aimed at creating a marble-like pattern, and the staff of the technical department turned it into an ice cream style. After a number of experiments, he said that he was able to reproduce the texture of ice cream. This is also a product born of the idea of ​​CMF design. Other specifications are the same as the base model. The price is 17,600 yen for each release in March.

Basic model "BGA-270" of "two body bezel structure"

A new model "BGA-270" with a "two-body bezel structure" like the BGA-2700 mentioned above has appeared. The color and texture are based on beach fashion such as beach bags, clothing and sandals made of PVC material. The indexes are painted metallic to prevent the dial from becoming monotonous. In addition, the CMF design, such as placing a transparent plate on the dial and painting a border line on the front and a color on the back to make it look three-dimensional, and also adopting a bezel using the marbling technology introduced above, are also highlights It is.

  • BABY-G BGA-270-2AJF, BGA-270-4AJF, BGA-270-1AJF

    From left: BGA-270-2AJF, BGA-270-4AJF, BGA-270-1AJF

  • BABY-G BGA-270M-7AJF


  • BABY-G BGA-270-4AJF

    Dial details [BGA-270-4AJF]

The case size is 46.3mm x 42.2mm x 13.2mm [same as BGA-2700] and waterproof to 10 bar. Battery life is 3 years. Vivid pink bezel + black band "BGA-270-1AJF", lavender bezel + skeleton blue band "BGA-270-2AJF", white bezel + pink band "BGA-270-4AJF", marble bezel + white band A lineup of 4 models of "BGA-270M-7AJF". The price is 15,950 yen only for BGA-270M-7AJF of marble bezel, and 14,850 yen for others. Released in March.

Beach Traveler series

New colors based on the tough solar model "BGA-2500" equipped with a radio clock function for multi-band 6 and the basic analog-digital model "BGA250". A light pink combination “ BGA-2500-1A2JF '' and “ BGA-250-1A3JF '' with the image of the inside of the shell in the black case, a “ BGA-250-2A2JF '' with a pale pink letter on the bezel in a navy case 3 models are available.

  • BABY-G Beach Traveler BGA-2500-1A2JF


  • BABY-G Beach Traveler BGA-250-1A3JF


  • BABY-G Beach Traveler BGA-250-2A2JF

    BGA-250-2A2JF [center]

The price is 23,100 yen for BGA-2500-1A2JF and 14,300 yen for the others in April.

Sea Glass series

"Seagrass" is a beautiful rounded frosted glass that has been cut off by exposing the broken bottle pieces to waves for a long time. It is a "beach on the beach" created by manipulating nature with nature. A new color model on this theme is the Sea Glass series.

  • BABY-G Sea Glass BA-110SC-2AJF


  • BABY-G Sea Glass BA-110SC-4AJF


  • BABY-G Sea Glass BA-110SC-7AJF


Based on the "BA-110" which is full of three-dimensional feeling, the resin part of the case and the band is molded in clear color, expressing the transparency of sea glass that makes you feel the warmth of light. The metal parts of the dial are colored gold, adding a jewelry atmosphere. A lineup of three models: the mint blue "BA-110SC-2AJF", the pink "BA-110SC-4AJF" and the white "BA-110SC-7AJF". Priced at ¥ 16,500 each and released in May.

“ BSA-B100 '' which adopted Misty pastel color that goes well with sportswear

A new summer color has also appeared on the sports line "BSA-B100" equipped with a step counting function using a 3-axis accelerometer and a mobile link function linked with the smartphone application "BABY-G Connected" via Bluetooth Low Energy.







Adopted Misty Pastel color popular in sportswear. The combination of the dark-tone case and the light-colored band gives a feminine cuteness and a stoic attitude to a workout.

Functions and performance are the same as the base model. Dark gray dial + pink band "BSA-B100MC-4AJF" [17,050 yen], gray case + light blue band "BSA-B100MC-8AJF" [17,050 yen], black case + blue and pink band "BSA" -B100MT-1AJF "[18,150 yen] lineup. Released in May.

"Decora Style" which made Japanese "kawaii" culture a clock

  • BABY-G Decora Style

    The theme of this BA-110 is "Decora Fashion"!

This is also a new color of BA-110. The colorful "BA-110TM" was born in the 90s and is based on the theme of "Decora Fashion," a Harajuku street style [like a sinorer at the time] like a toy box.

The impression is a little more modest than the actual decora, but it seems to have been designed to be subdued so that it fits into the realistic fashion of many users. And if you're a genuine decorator, this watch is going to be even more decorated with beads, rhinestones and stickers.

  • BABY-G Decora Style BA-110TM-1AJF


  • BABY-G Decora Style BA-110TM-7AJF


Available in two models, the black “BA-110TM-1AJF” and the white “BA-110TM-7AJF”. The price will be released in June for 16,500 yen each.

I feel like a fancy shop from the 80's! "80's Beach Colors"

The series "80s Beach Colors", which is based on the west coast of the United States in the 1980s, has appeared. Based on the classic "BGD-570" and "BGD-560" base models, the model is developed with pop and colorful colors that symbolize the 80s, for example, reminiscent of sailors [apparel brand] trainers.

  • BABY-G 80's Beach Colors BGD-570BC-3JF


  • BABY-G 80's Beach Colors BGD-570BC-4JF


  • BABY-G 80's Beach Colors BGD-560BC-7JF


  • BABY-G 80's Beach Colors BGD-560BC-9JF


The round case "BGD-570BC" is pastel blue [BGD-570BC-3JF] and pastel pink [BGD-570BC-4JF], and the square case "BGD-560BC" is white [BGD-560BC-7JF] and yellow [BGD-560BC-9JF] is available. By design, the palm trees and beach sunsets are reminiscent of the surfboard graphics of the 80's, and are designed in pastel colors.

Functions and performance are the same as those of each base model, such as the time display of 48 cities [29 time zones] and the summer time setting function in the world. Priced at ¥ 10,450 each, released in May.

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