Cedar tree rings from around 660 BC of the huge solar flare to unravel the Yamagata University, etc

Aurora is the cause of the solar flare scale is large, such as communication failures on Earth has caused tremendous damage to. Yamagata University is 20, the plurality of solar flare,around 660 BC of cosmic rays, the increase was likely this movie was announced.

【Here】Solar flare radiation due to the influence of the planets on each calculation graduate school, etc

■Solar flares can cause the cosmic ray increase

Supernova explosions and black holes,the sun and other celestial bodies pours from high-energy particles of cosmic rays only. Cosmic rays increases, the oxygen and nitrogen and other atmospheric elements to collide with the carbon 14 and beryllium 10, etc., of radioactive isotopes[cosmic-ray produced nuclide]is generated.

Cosmic rays is,”galactic cosmic rays”called the solar system outside of the supernova explosion caused by the most common. On the other hand, a huge solar flare[the solar surface explosion]origin of high-energy particles are also included.

A huge solar flare high-energy particles to the Earth, and such as communication failures, extensive damage and destroyed. Therefore, cosmic rays increase in such behavior knowing it,the earth of the damage to the measures possible.

■Cedar tree rings from revealed that cosmic rays increase the cause of

Cosmic-ray produced nuclide, the trees of tree rings and Antarctic regional ice cores settings and files to capture and steal your personal privacy data without any permission. Therefore, carbon-14 and beryllium-10 was measured radioactive isotopes can be in the past, flying cosmic ray amount can be estimated.

This method as,774 years and 993 circa colossal scale of solar flares to cosmic rays, the amount of the surge have been identified. On the other hand, around 660 BC by carbon-14 increase has been confirmed, the destination of 2 of the events and behavior are different, and details are also unknown was.

Yamagata University, Nagoya University, Hirosaki University, researchers from the consisting group,Yamagata Prefecture and Akita Prefecture on the border of MT buried or 神代杉 of tree-ring analysis,the duration is long, the plurality of super-massive solar surface flares can be caused by turned out.

The past 3 times of the super giant solar flares,satellite failures, such as may occur, the scale would. In the future, the Antarctic ice cores contained in beryllium-10, and analyze the around 660 BC of cosmic rays increase the details of further understanding would be that.

Details of the study, the international journal Scientific Reports in the 20 days listed. [Article: Kadono 未智・The article list to look at]

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