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Ceiling and wall projection can be freely adjusted with the swing mechanism. Android built-in portable projector "Atease". Equipped with 6000mAh battery-Engadget Japan version

gf [/ embed]Support this project with GREEN FUNDING

● Rotary design with 90 degree rotation

● Supports 1080p input up to 150 inches

● Brightness 1000 lumens [100 ANSI lumens]

● Adopts DLP method to provide smooth and clear images

● Supports Wi-Fi / Bluetooth 4.0, HDMI, TF card, various inputs

● Up to 3 hours battery life

● 8GB internal memory, 3W speaker

● Equipped with automatic keystone distortion correction function

● Supports Netflix, YouTube, Google Play, and more than 3500 Android 7.1 apps

● Microsoft Office document software support

● Uses a durable nano coating for the body material!

● To match the interior with two colors of black and silver

◆ 90 ° rotary design

Just rotate the projection unit 90 degrees
The ceiling can be projected while lying down in the bedroom, or the wall can be projected while sitting on the sofa.
With conventional projectors, ceiling projection had difficulties in adjusting the image position and air permeability depending on the shape.
With Atease, you can easily change the projection method simply by rotating the projection unit 90 degrees!

◆ Excellent automatic keystone correction function

Atease with automatic keystone correction automatically adjusts any distortion below +/- 40 degrees within 1 second.

Automatic projection becomes very easy without moving the main unit by ceiling projection or horizontal angle projection.

◆ Up to 180 minutes of operation with a 6000mAh battery!

Atease has a built-in battery, so it can stand up to 180 minutes!
Of course, you can connect with an AC adapter and watch at home without worrying about time. In case of emergency, it can also be used as a mobile phone battery.

◆ Use as Bluetooth speaker

Atease can be used as a mobile speaker by connecting with Bluetooth as well as video!
Experience the powerful sound.

◆ Various input correspondence

It supports not only PC but also smartphone mirroring
In addition, you can easily mirror within Wifi by downloading the app called EShare.
In addition, projection is possible by connection with HDMI, input by USB memory, SD card, etc.

◆ Cooling design

Because it is a projector that is easy to hold heat, it adopts an efficient and quick cooling system with aluminum molding.
Sturdy and durable design with nano coating for long term use.

◆ MicroSoft Office document support

There is no doubt that he is active in the business scene.
Presentations on the projector are now easier and more efficient!
You can easily switch between video and office.

◆ Excellent portability.

Put Atease in your backpack side pockets like a plastic bottle.
For outdoor parties, camping and other outdoor movie screenings

◆ In every scene

at home

For outdoor use

★ Certification

I am the representative of GIFT LLC and Nakamura of KIXIN marketing member.

Three years ago, I found out that there was a situation where I was not able to easily recognize excellent products through another job, so I hoped to be a bridge between creators and users. We have delivered our dreams of "Japan's wonderful things abroad" and "Overseas wonderful things to Japan".

In the past, we participated in projects such as smart bottles that understand temperature and mobile batteries that can generate solar power, and now they are lined up with electronics retailers.

I am deeply concerned about this projector.

About 5 years ago, I went to a specialty store thinking I wanted a projector myself. There are large theater sets, etc., all of which are hundreds of thousands. I couldn't buy it right away, so I decided to give up on the space, so I gave up.

It may have been inevitable that I could get involved in projectors through this work.

I am happy if you spread this wonderful projector and improve your QOL.

The completeness of this product is very high. I think we can send it with confidence.

Make final batch adjustments, raise funds through crowdfunding, and plan mass production.


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