Chairman Sadayoshi Fujishige is reappointed to the Japan Table Tennis Association and female directors increase

On the 21st, the Japan Table Tennis Association held a board of directors and an extraordinary board to decide new officers, and Sadayoshi Fujishige was reappointed.

Enter the 4th term. Managing Director Ichiro Hoshino has been re-appointed, and for the third term "[The Association] is waiting for the 90th anniversary next year and the 100th anniversary 10 years from now. The role that Japanese table tennis can develop for that I want to carry it." Of the 23 directors, 4 became women, increasing the proportion of female directors from about 8.6% to about 17.3%. Going forward, we will take further measures toward the goal of "40% or more", which was included in the sports governance code as the target value.

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