Challenge the game center storm with Casio's game calculator and get an invader cap

Casio game calculator that many people would be addicted to if they were in their 40s and 50s. And, at that time, Mitsuru Sugaya's manga “Game Center Arashi” was serialized in the monthly comic magazine “Korokoro Comic” of Shogakukan, which was especially popular with elementary school students.

  • Game Calculator SL-880

    Casio game calculator "SL-880"

There was an episode in the Game Center Arashi where a game calculator appeared. The setting that boy elementary school students confront with a game calculator with a girl transfer student's lover's seat was a dream even though he knew it was a manga.

Over time, the collaboration between Game Center Storm and Game Calculator was realized. A new game center storm has been added to the “Korokoro Aniki 2020 Winter Issue” published by Shogakukan. A game calculator will appear during the game. I can't read it without tears.

In addition, Casio is holding a campaign “Challenge Game Center Storm! Who is Game Calculator King?” Casio'sGame calculator "SL-880" (current model)And then, just hit the high score and post it on Twitter. In other words, a national competition for game calculators. The winner of the first prize will receive a 5-piece luxury prize. Invader cap, I want too much.

■ 1st prize (5-piece set)

・ Game Center storm "figma Ishino storm"
・ Invader cap (signed by Mitsuru Sugaya)
・ Game center storm Best selection of flames
・ Mr. Sugawaya colored paper
・ Game Calculator Miniature Mascot

  • Prizes of top winners (partial)

■ 2nd and 3rd prizes (2-piece set)

・ Invader cap (signed by Mitsuru Sugaya)
・ Game Calculator Miniature Mascot

■ 4th and 5th prizes (2-piece set)

・ Game Center Storm Best selection of flames (signed by Mitsuru Sugaya)
・ Game Calculator Miniature Mascot

Applications are accepted until December 15, 2019 (Sunday). For application methods and precautions,Casio campaign pagePlease refer to. Of the campaign target modelGame Calculator SL-880Can be purchased for about 2,000 yen including tax (as of mid-November 2019).

(c) Sugiya Mitsuru / Shogakukan

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