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Challenge wrinkles with intensive care! To moisturize firm skin with “Towany Wrinkle Concentrate”

Medicated to praise the efficacy!

The first medicinal wrinkle improving serum from Towany is here!"Towanee Wrinkle Concentrate"It works deeply in areas where wrinkles are worrisome, such as the eyes, mouth, and forehead, and leads to firm skin. I tried a lot of intensive care items that are too attractive!

It works on wrinkles and leads to firm skin

Born from Towany as the first medicated wrinkle improving serum"Towanee Wrinkle Concentrate" (Quasi-drug, 20g, 8,000 yen excluding tax, released on October 16)Is a beauty serum that contains the active ingredient “niacinamide” that works on the epidermis and dermis to improve the wrinkles.

In addition, three moisturizing ingredients originally developed by Towany are formulated to moisturize the stratum corneum and lead to firm skin.

I'm looking forward to seeing what changes will happen because it's medicinal.

Apply a thick cream to the part you care about & finger press

To use, just apply the appropriate amount to the wrinkled area, such as the eyes, mouth, and forehead, at the very end of the morning and night.

Looking at the texture with your hand, it ’s about halfway between the latex and cream. It is easy to use because it blends smoothly into the skin.

First of all, to your eyes.

Apply well to the corners of your eyes.

Apply it to your mouth.

Finally, lightly press the finger pad and fingertips.

Moist after painting. It feels as if it is moist and firm as if it were packed.

If you continue every day, you can expect more effects.

Wrinkles can be improved! Feels plump and firm in 3 weeks

After 3 weeks, my eyes are fluffy.
I was worried about sagging for a while, and I used a serum for my eyes, but I didn't feel the effect.

However, within a week after taking care of “Towanee Wrinkle Concentrate”, I felt something different. I had forgotten to apply the concealer that I used to hide the bear every morning. I was particularly careful with the tie line I was most interested in, but in the 3rd week, the impression was lighter than before.

By continuing the trick, I was able to get a real feeling that “wrinkles will improve”.

"Towanee Wrinkle Concentrate" is a medicated wrinkle-improving serum that gives results.
The effect can be felt to some extent, so if you are worried about wrinkles, you should try it.

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