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Changed specifications for Pokemon GO and Raid Pass. Consuming at the start of the battle instead of joining the lobby-Engadget Japan

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<p>Pokemon GO</p>
<p>Pokemon GO has changed the specification of raid pass.</p>
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It used to be consumed when entering the lobby waiting to start, but in the future it will be consumed when the battle actually starts.

Specification changes are common to all normal raid passes, premium raid passes, and remote raid passes.

Pokemon GO raid battles have traditionally been able to see how many people are waiting to start in the lobby before spending a pass.

However, since the number of players who are watching in the same way is unknown, even if there are players who can win if they are participating at the same time, the number of people in the lobby that is actually displayed is zero or too few There were cases where they did not gather.

Also, even if you spend your pass to enter the lobby and enter the lobby, if people are not crowded for this reason, you may end up giving up or fighting with a force that will run out of time.

Especially in urban areas with a large player population and popular raid bosses, it is not a big problem, but in areas and time zones where there are few players, it is worrisome whether to spend valuable items on bets or to forfeit conditions to win surely. There was a problem.

If this specification change is consumed at the start of the battle, it will be easier to enter the lobby and gather players who are aiming in the same way. This is a great improvement especially in areas with small populations or when you are wondering where to enter with a remote raid pass.

On the other hand, since it is now easier to enter the lobby, it is likely that more players will leave immediately before the countdown if the number of players is not uniform, but this is the same with the conventional specifications.

Once you use a raid pass, even if you leave before starting and join another party, the pass will not decrease, so it has been common to wait and wait again in a gathering situation.

Pokemon GO remote raid lifting, exclusive pass is 3 coins for the first time 1 coin. Friend invitations are coming

Pokemon GO postpones the remote raid friend invitation function. To be announced later

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