Changes that visited the App Store this fall-Taro Matsumura's Apple pre-reading and look-ahead

New operating systems such as iPhone, iPad and Mac that were unveiled at WWDC19 opened by Apple in June were released one after another. Mr. Taro Matsumura once again explained the changes in the app store “App Store”, which was refurbished with the appearance of the new OS.

WWDC is an event for app developers, providing the latest technical information to developers who create apps, helping to develop apps that are going to be realized, and inspiring ideas for new apps It's a place.

Every year, a new OS for each platform is announced, and the functions of the attached apps and systems are directly affected by users. The keynotes where these are announced are also a concern for general users.

  • App store `` App Store '' with a new look with the appearance of a new OS

    Keynote speech of “WWDC19” held in San Jose in June 2019. Many app developers gathered

In addition, there will be sessions on apps that can be newly developed on the new OS and technologies that can be used newly, and developers from all over the world will listen enthusiastically. Rather, WWDC is important after the keynote.

There is a lot of interest in app development methods and what can be done, but for developers who want to develop their business through the app, the app store is a great place to distribute and sell apps to users. Is inevitable.

App Store achievements

The App Store is a mobile app store that opened in July 2008 when the iPhone 3G, the second-generation iPhone, was released.

Until then, applications have been distributed in the form of packaged software that sells software in boxes. In Japan, the software has been sold mainly through computer shops, and in the United States through bookstores and supermarkets.

However, the App Store for the iPhone has been established as a model that allows you to install apps for free or for a fee in the form of a completely online download. For large app developers, it was no longer necessary to pioneer the distribution network, which led to significant cost reductions and opportunity creation, but it was probably the individual developers who had the greatest impact.

  • App Store, the only place to get apps on iPhone and iPad (Photo is iPad version)

It was impossible for individuals to sell software to the entire country or the world without the distribution system using packaged software as described above. That's because large companies like Microsoft and Adobe have set up sales companies in markets around the world and partnered with distribution companies and retail chains to achieve the world's first sales of software.

Compared to that, the App Store has a lot of localization efforts, but you can upload apps to Apple's servers and operate the checkboxes to sell apps to iPhone users in that region.

In the case of paid apps, a 30% commission will be collected, but from the developer's point of view, the business model will be established from the moment the app is released, and to people around the world at a cost of about 30% If you can open up the possibility of selling an app, it's a reasonable price.

In addition, Apple protects the system for installing apps on iPhones and iPads only via the App Store. Nearly 100,000 apps are released every week by Apple on the App Store, and 40,000 of them are rejected for security or bug reasons.

New store and new application form

As each OS was updated this fall, the App Store changed to the following lineup.

  • App Store for iPhone and HomePod (iOS 13)
  • App Store for iPad (iPadOS 13)
  • App Store for Mac (macOS Catalina)
  • App Store for Apple Watch (watchOS 6)
  • App Store for Apple TV (tvOS 13)

As for the separation of iOS and iPadOS, it is the most symbolic event that the name is divided at present, and it seems that there will be no change in the structure of iPad application including iPhone. However, since iPad apps can now be built as Mac apps with Project Catalyst, they are starting to take different steps from iPhone apps.

For example, Twitter has already withdrawn from the Mac app and guided users to use web interfaces and third-party apps, but Project Catalyst has made it possible for the iPad app team to take charge of the Mac app as it is. , The Twitter app for Mac is back.

Facebook Messenger, which hasn't been provided with apps before, is also preparing apps for Mac. By using Project Catalyst, it is expected that the same functions as the iPad version, such as voice and video calling, that could not be realized with Safari, a web browser, will be available on the Mac.

Hundred Flowers Rebellion Watch App

And the biggest change in the App Store this fall is the new Apple Watch App Store.

  • App Store for Apple Watch

  • You can now purchase apps on Apple Watch

As mentioned above, the Apple Watch app has been distributed and installed in the form of an iPhone app. In other words, it is not possible to install the Watch app alone, and it has always been used in cooperation with iPhone apps.

I can understand the strategy that I did not prepare the App Store of Watch alone from the beginning because I waited for the performance enhancement of Apple Watch itself and to determine what kind of utilization will progress in the 4 years since Apple Watch appeared . On the other hand, the structure of the Watch app that must be paired with the iPhone app did not find the significance of the Watch app, and Twitter and Amazon had already withdrawn.

The establishment of a watch-only app store may open up a field of small apps focused on devices called watches. You can expect a lot of apps written by short code with simple UI to be created by existing or new developers.

As with the iPhone, Apple Watch can be used to find new ways to use it, and the value of the device and the platform itself can be expected to increase.

The App Store for Watch can be a simple search and display of recommended apps. In the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and Mac, app usage and developer interviews are posted daily, but Apple Watch is a device that is not suitable for reading these characters.

The most important “SwiftUI” in the WWDC19 is the technical background behind the app distribution for Apple Watch. For some developers, the iPhone app has had an impact every 10 years since it started.

In the next article, let's explore why.

  • "SwiftUI" announced at WWDC19

  • Using SwiftUI makes it easier to develop apps for iOS, iPad OS, macOS, and tvOS at once, greatly reducing the burden on developers.

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