Characteristic Mikuni Solex. Sports engine built only in the spider! | Daihatsu Compano Spider II

Twin cab 958㏄
1970 Daihatsu Compano Spider [F40K]

コ ン Compano Spider that appeared in 1965 based on the Compano released in 1963.

When Consolte, a substantial successor to Compano, appeared in 1969, Compano ended. At the same time, Daihatsu entered into a partnership with Toyota, which cut off the road to developing small passenger cars in-house.

Looking from the rear, you can clearly see the presence of the second seat. It is simple and does not compromise sportiness.

コ ン It was short-lived, but the impact of Compano was great. In particular, when the monocoque body was becoming mainstream in the open model, it was a remarkable point to adopt a proven ladder-type frame structure.

Thanks to this, it was possible to ride four people, which is unusual for an open car at the time, and it was widely recognized as a model with a view to family use. Even though it is an open sports model, many users may have felt the advantage of being able to ride four people.

Sports engine built into the spider only. It seems like an owner who wants to be beautiful because it is invisible, and it is customized with plated parts.

Characteristic Mikuni Solex. Twin carburetor, but with two large floats, two floats can be adjusted.

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