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"Charges of the exam" of the two "Shoukyojo exam" x "Billigal" talk for the first time

It's not just the results that matter. At least, adults are likely to need to understand it.

On December 21, 2019, when the exam season was approaching, the talk event “ Shikai Sakurai '' author and “ Billigal '' model, Kobayashi Sayaka talk event “ If you study seriously you can change your life '' Sankei Held at the Plaza.

"Shogakujo Examination" is a non-fiction spell with a daughter and father, Sakurai-san, who aimed for the most difficult private junior high school, Sakurain Gakuen, with their junior graduate parents. The book became a bestseller, and in 2017 it was turned into a TV drama and attracted much attention.

The book, "A story about a gal in school grade raising the deviation by 40 in one year and successfully passing Keio University" is a bestseller that sold 1.2 million copies. As the title suggests, the true story that Mr. Kobayashi who had a deviation value of 30 passed Keio University after hard studying. It was made into a movie with the title "Billigal", which also became a huge hit.

Mr. Sakurai and Mr. Kobayashi, who are called “charismatic exams,” surprisingly, met on their first day. About 200 participants listened enthusiastically to the two speakers who emphasized "process" as well as pass / fail of the test.

"Taking an exam is an opportunity to choose the environment."

Ms. Kobayashi was a participant in the examination, while Mr. Sakurai was in a different position from the parents of the candidate. However, there is a common understanding that studying has changed the world.

  • "Charges of the exam" of the two "Shoukyojo exam" x "Billigal" talk for the first time

    Sayaka Kobayashi, a model of "Billigal". I have been studying pedagogy at graduate school since April this year

"If you didn't take the exam, you might not have left Nagoya, and you might have become a mom," says Kobayashi.

"I think it was fun, but the world should have been overwhelmingly small. I think that taking an exam is not a way to win an education, but a chance to choose what environment to put yourself in. I entered Keio University That has changed the quality of the people I meet, and meeting people is my treasure. "

Mr. Sakurai recalls that his private junior high school, where his daughter entered, had only caviar-like children. She says she is currently a ronin, aiming to enter the medical school.

"At first, only my daughter looked like a colored ikura, but as she entered difficult junior high school, her face changed rapidly. Everyone around her seemed to make her dream come true. It was a great harvest that my daughter was able to have a concrete vision, rather than writing "I want to be a doctor" in a strip, "said Mr. Sakurai.

What people around me can do for candidates

Needless to say, the most important thing in the exam is your efforts. But it's also true that the "environment" also determines the outcome.

Kobayashi says that it is important to give the candidate a "pygmalion effect." The pygmalion effect is a psychological term that refers to the improvement of a student's performance when a teacher places expectations on the student.

"People grow when you put your expectations on. It's a matter of course in psychology. Conversely, to blame" you can't do it "or" why can't you do that? " No. Parents or teachers, at least one of them, should have a pygmalion effect. "

"Mother said to me," This process is a treasure, whether you accept it or not, you don't care about the result. "" Kobayashi introduced. "Failing to take an exam does not end there. Japan has a strong culture of fear of failure, but I would like adults to take on the challenge and show the children the failure and convey the importance of the process." Argued.

Sakurai said, "I want my kids to be at home and study at a private school, so don't forget to share the responsibility." "And question.

"I'm often asked," How do kids get motivated? ", But there's no one or two ways to do so. A child's motivation doesn't last for three days. I guess it's the children of parents who end up in difficult junior high school who have done so much death "(Mr. Sakurai).

Studying is not for myself but for someone

Mr. Kobayashi concluded with the urge, saying, "I just want to remember what you study for."

"I always say, 'Study is for someone, not for yourself.' A woman can get an elite man for a lifetime, and a man can grow vegetables in the field. If you have a loved one, get married, and have a child, you will be born with nothing to do, and your adult abilities will be tested at that time. I think that.

Without various abilities, children cannot be raised. With all animals becoming self-sufficient, only humans need to be protected for 20 years before a child can live. Parents try to protect their children with their lives, but knowledge is the foundation to protect them. Studying can be a weapon to protect someone.

Children value their "purpose" to study more than adults think. It's important to work hard for the exam, but I'd like you to carefully teach what you'll work for "(Kobayashi).

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