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Charging is Type-C, active noise canceling earphone "B2" driven up to 8 hours-Engadget Japanese version

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The active noise canceling earphone "B2" was created to shut down the noisy daily life and create your own world anytime, anywhere.

> Active noise canceling ANC technology for enjoying your own sound

> Clear ultra-high sound quality with DSP + mini speaker

> Stable wireless communication Bluetooth5.0 anywhere

> Only 35g body! Ultra-light design for long hours

> Up to 8 hours of use with convenient Type-C charging

> Convenient earphone cord that is softer and stronger than steel

ANC switch ON for your own sound world

Just turn on the ANC switch designed on the earphone body, and the active noise canceling ANC technology that shuts down the outside sound is activated.

This has made it possible to listen to music and voice calls anytime and anywhere comfortably.

What is Active Noise Canceling ANC technology?

Most people know that the sound of air is transmitted to the eardrum and can be recognized as sound.

That is,ActiveNoise canceling is a mechanism that generates anti-phase vibration that cancels the vibration [noise]. The microphone built into the earphone collects the surrounding vibration [noise] and analyzes the vibration [opposite phase] to be canceled by the canceling circuit. By superimposing them, it is possible to cancel unnecessary sounds.

AMS noise reduction technology to reduce any noise

The built-in small microphone with a diameter of 12mm supports a wide range of frequencies from 20Hz to 20kHz. Especially in the range of 100Hz to 2kHz, such as airplanes, subways, and buses, noise reduction technology works best and has the greatest effect.

Various noise can be reduced by about -25dB [from a pachinko parlor to a quiet office * only a guide].

Clear sound quality without noise to the eardrum

The DSP [Digital Signal Processor], a microprocessor with specialized functions for digital signal processing, and high-quality mini-speakers deliver the best sound quality.

The clear sound, which greatly reduced the surrounding noise, has been enlarged with no noise and clean sound. Both small sounds and voices of calls are delivered to the eardrum.

Maximum communication distance 10m! Stable Bluetooth5.0

This product "B2" is equipped with Bluetooth5.0 which is excellent in communication distance and transfer speed. The maximum communication distance is about 10m. You can move freely without being restricted by your code.

In addition, it is possible to store a terminal that has been paired once. It is very convenient because there is no need to connect each time it is used.

Answer incoming calls to your smartphone with earphones

The "B2" is equipped with a multi-function button, so you can answer a call on your smartphone with just one push of the button. You can also reject the response by pressing and holding for 2 seconds.

You can enjoy smooth calls without having to put your smartphone out of your bag or pocket every time you receive a call.

Approximately 35g, comfortable to wear on your ears

The body weighs only 35g, light enough not to strain your ears or neck. Even if you wear it for a long time, you can enjoy stress-free music and calls at any time without burden.

Five times stronger than steel! Overwhelming earphone cord

The earphone cord uses high-purity OFC cable, TPE coating, and Kevlar fiber with extremely high strength, high heat resistance, and high tensile strength.

Kevlar fiber is about five times as strong as steel of the same weight, while having the softness to roll easily. With overwhelming strength, it is unlikely that the earphone cord will be broken.

No worries about losing it with a cord type that hangs around your neck!

Recently, the completely wireless TWS type, which is popular, is convenient but tends to lose one.

"B2" sticks to the code type to reduce the loss probability significantly. It can be used immediately without disturbing your hands when you want to use it, even if you stay around your neck.

Built-in magnet that prevents cord entanglement

The earphone body has a built-in magnet that can be attached when not in use.

This prevents cords from getting tangled during storage. It is very convenient because you can move the left and right earphones without hanging around.

Sealable earpiece that fits well in the ear

Earpiece that fits easily to your ears and has high sealing to prevent sound leakage. Comes in three sizes, S, M and L, so you can choose the earpiece that suits your ear.

Because it has a familiar shape, it won't hurt even if you wear it for a long time, and you won't get tired by wearing it.

Convenient and efficient charging with Type-C charging

Just plug the included USB Type-C cable into the charging port and you can easily charge.

Full charge time is about 2 hours. An indicator light is mounted just below the charging port, so that the charging status is clear at a glance. Lights red during charging and blue when charging is complete.

Up to 8 hours can be used with about 2 hours of full charge

Up to 8 hours of continuous use is possible for music / calls and up to 5 hours when using the noise canceling function.

Excellent sustainability, perfect for outings. With music, you can go out forever. * May differ depending on usage environment.

Only sell earphones that have passed strict inspection

This product "B2" has undergone a number of various inspections for all products.

Thorough quality control is performed by inspecting high and low pitches, temperature and humidity, bending, tension, insertion, drop impact, etc. In the unlikely event of a defect, we have a one-year warranty.

▲ Move a comfortable train while listening to music. You can enjoy the music anywhere without worrying about the noise being heard by the noise of the train.

▲ There is no problem calling in the city. No matter how noisy the surroundings, you can hear the other party's voice.

▲ You can concentrate on your study without being disturbed by the surrounding sounds.

▲ Shut down the sounds of life and immerse yourself in the game world.

For each set, "B2" body, USB Type-C cable, earpiece [S, M, L] and instruction manual are included.

■ January 2020 ■ Cloud funding started

■ March 2020 ■ Cloud funding end

■ May 2020 ■ Scheduled to ship in Japan

We are looking for media who can review the active noise canceling "B2", influencers who are doing YouTube, Instagram, blogging etc. ♪

Qualification requirements

・ Media [planners, writers, etc.]

・ People who write blogs such as gadgets and household goods reviews, and who publish videos on YouTube etc.

This is intended for those who have some influence, so if you can cooperate, please write the subject "B2 review hope" and contact the following e-mail address. Please include your media information [ID, URL, etc.] and your self-introduction in the body of the email.

Email address:

What we provide

・ Product sample

What the winners provide to us

・ We publish reviews on the site and blog.

-The format of the review , length, number of images, etc. are all free.

・ It would be helpful if you could publish your review before the project is over.

Although it is a selfish product review program, we look forward to your application. I wrote various things, but I would be glad if we could easily contact us without worrying too much. Thank you very much.

Q: Is it waterproof?
A: The waterproof level is IPX4. There is no harm from flying from all directions, but be careful not to drop it into a sink or a container with water.

Q: How long is the charging time?
A: With a full charge of about 2 hours, you can use up to about 8 hours of music / call and up to about 5 hours of noise canceling mode.

Q: Can it be used for watching movies?
A: Of course you can.

Q: Is a Japanese instruction manual included?
A: Yes. One Japanese instruction manual is included for each set.

Q: Warranty, returns and exchanges
A: This product has a one-year warranty. For defective products in the usage condition according to the instruction manual, we will exchange the product after paying the shipping cost at our company. [Excluding failures caused by the customer's intention or negligence.]


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